The Waiter Wife Pdf Converter

The waiter wife pdf converter

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This is about a married couple, Samad and Aslana, who immigrated to London from Bangladesh in Both Samad and Archie are married to much younger women, the before mentioned, Aslana and Clara. Samad works as a waiter in his cousins restaurant, alongside other distant family members.

His job is hard as he works long hours and receives little pay for it. His struggles continue when Aslana violently confronts him about their low income and her concerns about feeding their unborn twins.

The waiter wife pdf converter

After the confrontation, she meets with Clara, who is also pregnant, and her cousin, the shoemaker, Neena. The three sit on a bench in a park and discuss their lives. Aslana reveals that her and Sadam had a arranged marriage and she dislikes him more as time progresses.

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Neena tries to console her by giving her advice to communicate more with him in order to solve problems together. Aslana disagrees with this, as she maintains her traditional role in the marriage.

The waiter wife pdf converter

This completely shocks and appalls both Aslana and Clara so much so that a nearby park keeper comes by to inquire if everything is alright. Aslana states that because her and Clara married older men, their children will always struggle with having roots in both the past and the present, which seems to be an underlying theme throughout the short story.

The waiter wife pdf converter

When they affirm that they are alright, the male park keeper retreats through the park trees as the women wave goodbye to him. When I plugged them into the Fusion Table, I found that the graph is most illuminated when I compared ethnicity to job type.

This created a more cohesive graph in which I was able to visualize the connections between ethnicity and where the characters worked.

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It would have been far more engaging to incorporate more elements or another type of software in order to create a more robust network of relations that span across multiple categories. I really liked your fusion table. For mine, I chose to connect weak connections using a weighted scale of 1 and stronger ones making them a 3 or a 5, but I like how you just created two separate ones to show that some people just really had no connections to one another, but were still in the story.

It was super interesting to see the connection between ethnicity and job type just from a short story.

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Adding on additional elements would definitely allow for a clearer picture of the unique interactions present. For example, the addition of gender would be unique to see if anything changes within the graph.

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