Six Cylinder Engine Ppt To Pdf

Six cylinder engine ppt to pdf

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Six-Stroke Engine ppt Download

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Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: Six Stroke Engine. Description: Specially designed for mechanical engineers.

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Six cylinder engine ppt to pdf

Beare head six stroke engine 2. Charge pump engine 4 Velozetas six stroke engine A four stroke Honda engine is altered to form the six stroke engine First four strokes are same as a conventional four stroke engine In the fifth stroke, air is sucked in to the cylinder In the sixth stroke, a mixture of air and unburned gases leaves out.

Cam lobes- degrees of cam has divided into 60 degrees among six strokes Inlet valve is opened in the first stroke only and the exhaust valve, in the fourth, fifth and sixth strokes by the exhaust valve cam.

Six Stroke Engine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The exhaust valve cam is double lobed 7 No Transcript 8 3. Secondary Air Induction System- It supplies air which is used in the fifth and sixth stroke During the fifth stroke air is sucked into the cylinder through a reed valve provided on the secondary air induction line In the sixth stroke a second reed valve at the exhaust manifold opens and removes the mixture of air and unburned gases 10 Working of the engine First stroke- During the first stroke the inlet valve 6 opens and air-fuel mixture from carburetor is sucked into the cylinder through the inlet manifold 2.

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The compression ratio of the modified engine is same as that of the original four stroke Honda engine Third stroke- During the third stroke, power is obtained from the engine by igniting the compressed air- fuel mixture using a spark plug Both valves remain closed.

Fifth stroke- During the fifth stroke, the exhaust valve 11 remains open and the reed valve 23 closes.

6_Cylinder Heads And Valves.ppt

Fresh air from the air filter 24 enters the cylinder through the secondary air induction line 21 provided at the exhaust manifold The reed valve 22 opens. Sixth stroke- During the sixth stroke, the exhaust valve 11 remains open.

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The air sucked into the cylinder during the fifth stroke is removed to the atmosphere through the exhaust manifold The reed valve 23 opens and the reed valve 22 closes. Load Test Results- 15 2.

Pollusion Test Results- 16 Graphs- B. P Vs TFC and SFC at rpm 18 Advantages Reduction in fuel consumption Reduction in pollution normally up to 65 Better scavenging and more extraction of work per cycle Lower engine temperature - easy to maintain the optimum engine temperature level for better performance The engine doest require any basic modification to the existing engines.

All technological experience and production methods remain unaltered Higher overall efficiency 19 Conclusion The six stroke engine modification promises dramatic reduction of pollution and fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine.

The fuel efficiency of the engine can be increased and also the valve timing can be effectively arranged to extract more work per cycle. Better scavenging is possible as air intake occurs during the fifth stroke and the exhaust during the sixth stroke. Due to more air intake, the cooling system is improved. It enables lower engine temperature and therefore increases in the overall efficiency.

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Six cylinder engine ppt to pdf

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Six cylinder engine ppt to pdf

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Six-Stroke Engine PPT | Seminar Report

PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. Six Stroke Engine - Charge pump engine Velozeta s six stroke engine A four stroke Honda engine is altered to form the six stroke engine First four strokes are same as a conventional Engine technical terms.

Type of design in Bike Engines.

Six cylinder engine ppt to pdf

Engine Cooling Systems, spark plug, Working of bike engines. Main parts of spark ignition system - Wankel engine The Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine which uses a rotary design to convert pressure into a rotating motion instead of using First motorcycle engine to boast six cylinder inline configuration, Engine Cycles - 3.

Ignite the mixture and cause it to expand, producing power.

Six cylinder engine ppt to pdf

Examples of Uses of Rotary Engines. Datsun Z. Mazda RX Any Others?

Any Questions Taking Flight with Algebra - The cylinder s form the combustion chamber s of the engine. What is a piston? The engine has a bore of 4 inches, a cylinder height of 7inches. Kerner, T. Doehner, J.

Six Stroke Engine - powerpoint presentation - Mechanical engineering - Automobile Engineering -

Doyle, N. Use for What? Purpose of an Piston type engine - To create power for General Formulation A Turbojet Engine - Thermodynamic properties such as energy, enthalpy, entropy in order Combustion chamber. Shuttle Launch. Example cont. Six mowers Fuel Injection in the CI Engine - For the compression ignition engine, it is very important to promote a means of Distribute the metered fuel equally among cylinders in a multi-cylinder engine.

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