One Night Ultimate Werewolf Roles Pdf Printer

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

This strategy guide assumes:. Wake order is:. Choosing a good combination of roles is probably the most difficult part of the game.

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Role selection needs to:. The example setup in the rulebook is perfect for beginner players. Beyond this, role selection requires experience as well as trial and error. The following recommended rolesets have been compiled from user contributions on the Board Game Geek forums:.

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As a member of Team Werewolf, lying is essential. If you do intend to lie, before the night phase starts note what roles are being used in the current game and spend the night time thinking about what role you will claim when you wake up. Pick one or two backups in case your favoured role becomes unclaimable. If there is a Werewolf majority then the game flips on its head. Instead of trying to identify who is on Team Werewolf, the Werewolves can openly debate who is on Team Village and therefore should be targeted for termination.

Depending on role selection, a Werewolf majority can be an virtual certainty.

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

Apart from playing like a normal Werewolf, the Alpha Wolf also needs to keep track of the center Werewolf card they gave to another player, including any subsequent switching it may have been subject to. The Alpha Wolf, together with the Minion, also needs to assess if it is likely that the Werewolves have a majority.

If the Alpha Wolf finds he himself was switched he can out the player that he turned into a Werewolf, assuring a victory for the Village Team. I have never seen this strategy work. At least among experienced players, the Seer will always look at two cards in the center.

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A Mystic Wolf claiming this strategy will almost always be outed as the Mystic Wolf rather than the Seer. The Dream Wolf does not wake up with the other Werewolves. When the Werewolves are called, he sticks out his thumb. Werewolves, stick out your thumb so the Minion can see who you are. Not caring whether he lives or dies, the Minion starts the day phase with very little pressure, but accelerates quickly as the accusations fly. The Minion needs to keep very close track of whether any Werewolves were switched by the Troublemaker, Robber, Witch etc.

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If the Minion is quite sure who the Werewolves are then the Minion can sit on the sidelines during discussion as long as it looks like someone other than a Werewolf will be lynched. If the switcher maintains the switch did occur in the face of that revelation then you can be sure you were switched, enabling you to reveal the full Werewolf team. Werewolves, stick out your thumb.

From Bonus Pack 2, wins or loses with Team Werewolf irrespective of whether he himself dies. The Squire will have more information than the wolves in this regard. The Squire should try to communicate to the wolves that they still have their wolf card to ensure their continued allegiance.

Unfortunately the Squire is also incentivized to pretend that wolves are still on Team Wolf even if they no longer are. Wolves should therefore be suspicious of the Squire regardless. If the Squire sees that one of the wolves was switched, the Squire should listen carefully to anyone who claims the switched role.

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Most switching involves a direct swap, so whoever had the card that the Werewolf now has probably now has the Werewolf card and is therefore an ally. If the Squire sees that the wolves still have their cards, the he should wait for someone else to claim they switched out one of the wolves which he knows to be false and call that individual out on their lie, since they are most likely on Team Village and any misdirected suspicious advantages Team Wolf.

Give any non-vampire player a Mark of the Vampire. Even if the true Diseased or Thing refutes this, doubt will have been sown, to your advantage. As the Vampire, your first priority on waking should be determining if the person to whom you gave the Mark of the Vampire still has it or lost it by receiving one of the subsequent seven marks.

Before playing, ensure that beginner players understand that the Count is also a Vampire and wakes up with the Vampires. Preventing one of these from acting will advantage Team Vampire, especially if it is the Marksman. But on the downside, giving the Mark of Fear provides Team Village certain knowledge that the Count is in the game.

If another Vampire votes for him, the Master is protected and cannot be killed. Before playing, ensure that beginner players understand that the Master is also a Vampire and wakes up with the Vampires.

Obviously if the Master is in danger of being lynched, the other Vampire should vote for them, but there are a few exceptions. Marks override card powers, while artifacts override both marks and card powers.

Also, if the vote could swing either way, it might be better for the Vampire to use their vote on another player. Renfield, wake up and look around for the Vampires, then place the Mark of the Bat in front of you.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak Role Overview

Adopt the same strategy as the Minion, with the unfortunate addition that the Pickpocket or Marksman may look at your Mark of the Bat and out you as Renfield. The mere presence of the Tanner plays an important role in balancing the game toward Team Werewolf.

As the Tanner yourself, it is extremely hard to win.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Role Overview

In practice I have never seen someone win as the Tanner by implying they started as a Werewolf. Playing effectively as the Tanner requires preparation. Tanner stick out your thumb so the Apprentice Tanner can see who you are.

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

From Bonus Pack 2, only wins if Tanner dies. If there is no Tanner, only wins if he himself dies. If the Tanner is in play, the Apprentice Tanner needs to be extremely subtle. Play the long game by lining up a bunch of people as Werewolf suspects and provide evidence against each one to look like you are making a genuine attempt to find the Werewolf. Then gradually remove one person at a time from your line of suspects as each provides a plausible defense.

If you are outed as the Apprentice Tanner, say nothing more for the rest of the round. You will have zero credibility from that point and anything you say will be interpreted as pointing toward the Tanner. Even using reverse psychology to pour suspicion on someone else so the group falsely suspects them of being the Tanner will be more likely to backfire than be helpful.

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

The recipient of the Mark of the Assassin will normally announce this fairly early, thus painting anyone who directs unsubstantiated accusations at them as the Assassin. Note that the Assassin can give himself the Mark of the Assassin. If there is no Assassin, place the Mark of the Assassin in front of any player. If the Assassin has not been outed then the Apprentice Assassin can claim to be another Team Village role and claim to have deduced that the Assassin is a Vampire.

The more subtly that she can do this the better. You are now that role. If that role is called, wake up and do that action.

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

Similarly, if a copycat and an Alpha Wolf are both in play, the copycat could look at the center werewolf card and three wolves may wake up at night. Normally, during pre-game card selection, it is hard to decide which among the wide selection of really interesting cards to include, so Copycat is an easy choice to leave out.

Role Selection

If your new role has a night action, do it now. The main question is whether to reveal that you were the Doppelganger that became that role or to pretend you were that role directly. Place a Mark of Disease in front of any player to your left or right. At first blush, it seems that the Diseased and the recipient of the Mark of Disease are affected the same way and have the same strategy, but this is not so. Giving the Mark of Disease is a double edged sword.

If a Vampire receives it, and this becomes known, then it will be much harder for Team Village, and therefore the Diseased herself, to win. The Diseased should not announce who they are until they can assess what team the person who received the Mark of Disease is on. Until the Diseased can be sure the recipient is on Team Village, they should deny being the Diseased and therefore cast doubt on any Vampire that may have claimed to receive the mark.

If the Diseased gave the Mark of Disease to a Vampire and confirms it publicly then no one will vote for the diseased Vampire and Team Vampire will most likely win.

If the rest of Team Village votes for the diseased Vampire eliminating each of their own potential to win, the Diseased may emerge as the sole winner.

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

It will not only deter others from voting for them, but if they themself are on Team Village this will narrow down who the Diseased is on either side of that player and in turn help eliminate Vampire suspects. You may give any two players a Mark of Love. However, a Vampire receiving a Mark of Love now needs to keep both himself AND his lover alive, since the death of either will lose Team Vampire the game. The Cupid should never give herself the Mark of Love.

The Mark of Love is only useful if one of the recipients happens to be a Vampire and one is on Team Village.

One night ultimate werewolf roles pdf printer

The probability of this happening is maximized if she gives the Mark of Love to two other random players. You may give any player the Mark of the Traitor. Being on Team Village, the Instigator normally has a pretty clear cut optimal strategy.

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The Instigator usually wants to give another player the Mark of the Traitor which is an optional action and then announce quite early who they gave the Mark of the Traitor to, and hope that player is a Vampire. There is usually no point for the Instigator to lie about who they gave the Mark of the Traitor to, since everyone looks at their marks and knows if they received it or not.

Any possible mark switching during the night phase, such as by the Gremlin or Pickpocket, will usually become known during the discussion before voting. You may also give any other player a Mark of Clarity. It can be advantageous if there is a high chance of cleansing a Vampire of the Mark of Disease or cleansing a Villager of the Mark of the Vampire. The Priest would do well not to correct this erroneous belief. Team Vampire may think they have a majority, particularly if Renfield is in play.

The Sentinel has no hidden information since the location of the shield token is evident to all as soon as the day phase starts. Like the Curator and Revealer, they are essentially a Villager with a small amount of agency during the night phase.

As a Sentinel, beware of Werewolves taking the easy way out by claiming your role. You may tap the shoulder of the player on your right or on your left.