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In he founded and became the first President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. He was multilingual , having taught himself French, English, German and Greek in later life. Machado's works had a great influence on Brazilian literary schools of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. For his innovation and audacity in early themes, Assis is often seen as a writer of unprecedented production, known for his irony and wide vocabulary.


Machado de Assis was included on American literary critic Harold Bloom 's list of the greatest geniuses of literature. Bloom considers him the greatest black writer in Western literature. At night he learned French with an immigrant baker. Francisco Otaviano hired Machado to work on the newspaper Correio Mercantil as a proofreader in He learned German years later and in his old age, Greek. Machado de Assis, the way he would be known for posterity: Machado de Assis. His father Francisco de Assis died in Machado learned of his father's death through acquaintances.

Machado managed to rise in his bureaucratic career, first in the Agriculture Department.

Three years later, he became the head of a section in it. He was left melancholic , pessimistic and fixed on death. Although he was opposed to slavery, he never spoke against it in public.

The birth of the Brazilian republic made Machado become more critical and an observer of the Brazilian society of his time. He was its first president, from to , when he died. His wife Carolina Novais died on 20 October , after 35 years of a "perfect married life". Machado's style is unique, and several literary critics have tried to describe it since His chronicles do not share the same status.

His poems are often misunderstood for the use of crude terms, sometimes associated to the pessimist style of Augusto dos Anjos , another Brazilian writer.

Machado de Assis

Machado de Assis was included on American literary critic Harold Bloom 's list of the greatest geniuses of literature, alongside writers such as Dante , Shakespeare and Cervantes. Bloom considers him the greatest black writer in Western literature; this is based on United States's conceptions of race, which are not the same in Brazil , [27] where he is considered mulato.

Critics are divided as to the nature of Machado de Assis's writing. Some, such as Abel Barros Baptista, classify Machado as a staunch anti-realist, and argue that his writing attacks Realism, aiming to negate the possibility of representation or the existence of a meaningful objective reality.

Realist critics such as John Gledson are more likely to regard Machado's work as a faithful description of Brazilian reality—but one executed with daring innovative technique. In light of Machado's own statements, Daniel argues that Machado's novels represent a growing sophistication and daring in maintaining a dialogue between the aesthetic subjectivism of Romanticism and its offshoots and the aesthetic objectivism of Realism-Naturalism.

Accordingly, Machado's earlier novels have more in common with a hybrid midth-century current often referred to as "Romantic Realism.


Critics agree on how he used innovative techniques to reveal the contradictions of his society. Roberto Schwarz points out that Machado's innovations in prose narrative are used to expose the hypocrisies, contradictions, and dysfunction of 19th-century Brazil.

Thus we see critics reinterpret Machado according to their own designs or their perception of how best to validate him for their own historical moment. Regardless, his incisive prose shines through, able to communicate with readers from different times and places, conveying his ironic and yet tender sense of what we, as human beings, are.

Um mestre na periferia do capitalismo : Machado de Assis

Machado's literary style has inspired many Brazilian writers. His works have been adapted to television, theater and cinema. His main works have been translated into many languages. Great 20th-century writers such as Salman Rushdie , Cabrera Infante and Carlos Fuentes , as well as the American film director Woody Allen , have expressed their enthusiasm for his fiction. In his works, Machado appeals directly to the reader, breaking the so-called fourth wall.

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Um mestre na periferia do capitalismo machado de assis pdf creator

This name uses Portuguese naming customs : the first or maternal family name is Machado and the second or paternal family name is Assis.

Machado de Assis in Brazilian National Archives. See list.

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Machado de Assis

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