Motorola Dvr 6416 Iii Manual

Motorola dvr 6416 iii manual

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Motorola dvr 6416 iii manual

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Motorola Dual Tuner DCT6208 DVR*no power repair part1*

Download free trial! Any suggestion on the best way to capture?

Motorola dvr 6416 iii manual

Hello, sorry to revive an old post but I was wondering if anybody could elaborate on this a bit. Here is a post I had in a different forum: New member here but been into video for a long time.

Motorola dvr 6416 iii manual

I confirmed the IEEE ports are active. I have browsed many outdated forums about this topic and have not had much luck.

Motorola dvr 6416 iii manual

When I stop recording, the video resumes on the DVR but in a different location as if it had been playing all along. What I end up with is a large file within 60 seconds of recording or so HD quality but when I use VLC to playback there's only about 2 seconds of video and that's about it, sometimes it doesn't recognize the file at all. Does anyone here have a clue of how to accomplish this task successfully? Can anyone help me out with this, I'm at a loss.

Thanks in advance!! So I'm not surprised that you couldn't get it to work, you went against rule 2 above. Thanks for the response. As I mentioned, I was able to actually see some video of what I recorded but it was only a few seconds worth.

Sometimes there would be something but most of the time nothing.

This was also with just playback on the DVR. I also tried recording live with the same results. I am able to record to my Sony Handycam using the RCA outputs with no problems but the video quality suffers. This tells me it is not copyright protected if I'm able to record to my Handycam.

Any other thoughts? I've been reading up on this online and examining the user manual and here's what I come up with: The USB2, Ethernet, and eSATA connectors were put in to future-proof the machine prior to the box actually using them.

Motorola dvr 6416 iii manual

Completely, for the present. These might be enabled later on once according to Moto and Comcast "the usage rights for the content provders have been successfully negotiated". This likely means: Copyprotection! CGMS, etc. Now, HDPC goes through a digital pathway-checking conversation with the receiving device and I believe the would also and those "conversations" aren't instantaneous, so I wouldn't be surprised when a show may start to record and then end up recording nothing after the first few moments.

Because they don't have a "pathway security-checking conversation".

It's analog, for gosh sakes! And, while I'm not specifically making any particular suggestions one way or the other , there are devices that remove macrovision via TBC VI blanking and there are devices that allow capping HD via analog Component.

Not a perfect world, but better than nothing and better than Std Def composite like your Handicam. Also works for the , the , etc. Thanks again for the info. This time I tried a different firewire port on my PC. It worked!! I tried a few SD channels and they worked as well, there were a couple channels that wouldn't record so I'm assuming they're copyright protected. As I just said, Live TV recorded fine. DVR playback on the other hand was a different story. A couple of the shows I tried recorded video just fine but with no sound.

Any idea why video would look fine but sound is absent during playback? I've heard on a number of occasions that you can record live tv but not playback tv, I proved that wrong but the absence of sound kind of puts a damper on it.

The DCT DVR used to capture playback files just fine until late last summer when a firmware update caused it to start freezing the picture output to the TV upon capture via firewire, even though the video would record just fine. Once this symptom showed up, the audio ceased coming across on the capture. Live capture still works as it always did. The DCH I have in the other room, on the other hand, has continued to capture live and recorded programs all along.

Motorola DCT6416 (160GB HD PVR)

I'm using the same driver for each one, so I don't have a good sense of what the problem is. One thing that's been different is the way a firewire capture affects each of the DVRs.

Capture on the DCT used to never cause any kind of interruption in the playback. I'm wondering if a driver tweak would be needed to get it to work properly, but I may just exchange it for a DCH. Where did you get the driver you're using? I believe that website is exactly where I got my drivers but for a DCT The only thing I can think of is that those channels are copyright protected and can't be viewed from the firewire ports, I can record using the composite video outs but then the quality is lacking.

When I try to record those same channels but from DVR playback - the video records perfect but there is no sound. I have no idea why this is, I might try hooking up the composite audio outputs to the input of my sound card and see if that helps, otherwise I'm at a loss.

Recommends: Kiva. The "no sound" problem from DVR playback initially affected me as well. VLC played my. And what I discovered is that, at least in my case, the audio is in fact being captured, and it isn't protected in any way with DRM.

In my case, it's VLC itself. Even the latest version, for whatever reason, doesn't like how the transport stream from my III conveys the AC3. Regardless of which of those two possible reasons is the cause, I just know I'm able to play my otherwise "silent". Once I did that, then even VLC was able to play my "silent".

Give this a try, folks, and see whether it similarly solves your problem.

User Manual for Motorola 6416 HD DVR Remote

If so, someone might wanna make a very short. Another way of "solving" the silent VLC playback issue one that lets you keep VLC in its normal mode, where it uses its own internal codecs is simply to strip off the transport layer.

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You can do this easily in VLC. FYI incase it helps anyone. Wow, thanks a million for this info, I will give it a try!! One other thing, will I be able to create a DVD of my recordings with audio per your instructions, or is this only to get audio in VLC? Am I missing something?

Thanks, I did not give those others a try yet. Funny story Haven't been able to try it out yet but will soon. I hope the firewire ports are enabled! Replies: 4 Last Post: 11th Jan , Replies: 5 Last Post: 7th Feb , Replies: 1 Last Post: 16th Jan , Replies: 3 Last Post: 10th Dec , Contact Us VideoHelp Top. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. Latest tool updates. Subtitle Edit 3.

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