Mass Effect D20 Character Sheet Pdf

Mass effect d20 character sheet pdf

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Character Sheet

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Mass effect d20 character sheet pdf

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Mass effect d20 character sheet pdf

Honestly, I having a bit of difficulty deciding which time period to set the adventure in: Pre-Shepard, Post-Shepard, or during the Reaper War. However, I do know a few things about the campaign: First, I'm probably going to take about 3 to 4 players.

Third, I'd like potential players to write something about their characters. Where they're from, their past, thematic elements, that kind of thing. It's a big one. But, basically I think I have to push back the start day by one week, due to my own incompetence. DualityAlex Plus.

Mass effect d20 character sheet pdf

I cant play, but just thought i'd let yall know before you convert star wars d20 that there already is a mass effect d20 game. Just an fyi, good luck and have fun.

Good to know. I'll be checking out that Mass Effect D Is there a book set for the mass effect D20, or a PDF or something? I'd be extremely interested in such a thing. There is actually. A D20 in pdf form.

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Would definitely be interested, huge fan of Mass Effect. Depending on the exact time I would be very interested to try this.

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I DM'd a mass effect d20 several months ago. I'd be interested in being a player, and would be able to help you out with the transition. Doctor Bantha Pro. I would definitely be interested in a Mass Effect game depending on how the system works out with the conversion. Alright, well, as it's Superbowl Sunday and I'm at a Superbowl party I don't be doing a whole lot on this until Next Sunday, but I'm hoping to have something together for next week. Rorschach Plus. Oh god yes I would jump onto this faster then a varran on a pyjack.

I have no experience with star wars d20 system, but my love for ME is too great to let petty rules stop me. I think it would best to do pre-shepard and all that reaper jazz. For many people it is the characters and race relation people found most interesting and pre-shepard would be the most opportune time to exploit this things I have mention. What do you mean by "mostly human"? Would quarians work for this because I got a page and half written of notes for a quarian character?

I was going to use for another game, but that game never came to fruition. Well, I can certainly play those times. I am EST as well.

Mass effect d20 character sheet pdf

Would you prefer everyone to do so and send that in so you can pick, or are you going to pick and then have people make the characters? Mainly because if you want us to all create and submit first we need the rules. I suggest pre-shepard. Leave shepard, cerberus, reapers and all that out of it. Write your own saga against the magnificent tapetsry created by the series.

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Also note: your players WILL want to play non-humans. Food for thought. Here is wild idea free of charge :P : PCs are council spectres facing an imminent threat to galactic stability; the rise of the savely intelligent, industious and warlike humans.

Hilarity and chaos ensues. Pre-Shep timeline or before reaper war.

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Ok, grabbed the book Allan posted and I'll start through it after I get some sleep. Stayed up way too late oddly enough playing Mass Effect 3 again which I started on Thursday. I am game for whatever set-up you want to run.

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Even if you want to use a different book. I would suggest dipping into the Codex, and getting inspiration from the already established canon information and playing off of it.

Such as you could involve Extinct Races, Non-Council Members trying to become apart of the Council, or at least joining the Alliance officially. Or you can go back to the Skyllian Blitz, starting with the encroaching human colonies into the Batarian controlled Verge system, and the eventual retaliation on Torfan.

Merc group Meeting him yes. Playing him, or being his Predecessor would be screwing with the Canon. You could also follow Shepard into combat during the Skyllian Blitz.

I'll see if I can get something for the race values and point buy system done within the next couple of days so people who want to work on characters can.

Mass Effect D20, Sundays (Opinions Please)

However, I'm mostly looking for people to send me or post here idea on characters. Who they want to play. How they'll integrate into the unit they are a part of. What their backstory is like. What they did before they joined the group. I've got a lot of brushing up to do on my Star Wars D20 even before I do the converstion.

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I'm tempted to revamp all the classes into the neat packages that Mass Effect has, but, I'm already taking on a lot of work, so I'm most likely going to be simply using Star Wars classes and doing a lot of window-dressing. Making a system and classes is fun and all, but at the end of the day, I've got games to run, and stories to tell, and don't want to fuss too much over details that might not even be included.

Okay, so, on with the show: What do you need to know as players? It's Which means, pre-Shepard. The humans have had an embassy on the Citadel for 5 years now. And it's 13 years prior to the events in Mass Effect. I would've gone further back in time, but, honestly, I wanted to have plenty of humans around. You work for the council, as an assembled team of explorers, scientists, diplomats and technicians that are going to be investigating an active mass relay which was discovered.

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Your team will be the first to have passed through this relay in over 50, years and explore the systems that lay on the other side, ultimately deciding whether or not knowledge of the relay should go public, or if the relay should be rendered inactive due to potential hazards on the other side. This team will need pilots, combat specialists, astral scientists, ambassadors of the Council, technical specialists, astral geologists, mining experts, surveyors, and other like personel who perfectly make up an adventuring party, yay!

Now, due to Council politics, I may end up setting this prior to the Rachni Wars, back when there was a lot more interstellar exploration. But that would mean no humans, and potentially, no Krogans or Turians or other races, depending on the dates in which they joined the Citadel. As I said, I'll have more material available to make characters later, but right now I just want potential players to think about the kind of character they wish to play, and how they see themselves as a team, and - ultimately - how they want their character to shape and change the galaxy.

Myth-Weavers might be able to make the Character Sheets for us, since all they have to do is copy the sheet from the back of the PDF and encode it for their website for use by the public.

I could be a Krogan Battlemaster from Blood Packs, hired for security. I just want an excuse to play Krogans.