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Act of Treason begins in October of a presidential election year.

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On the ticket for the Democrats is the recent governor of Georgia, Josh Alexander. His running mate is Mark Ross , a Senator who will do whatever it takes to win the election.

Being vice president is just one step from his ultimate goal of the presidency. Governor Alexander was a likeable person who initially had a lead in the polls, but that lead was slipping and the candidate was in serious trouble of losing the election. That changed one day as an al-Qaeda-like terrorist bombing attacked his motorcade one day.

Book Review – Vince Flynn’s “Act of Treason”

Alexander and Ross were both riding in the first limousine, and they were unharmed. The terrorist who carried out the bombing made a clean getaway. Their meeting is also going to involve a man named Cap Baker , an informant.

After Baker arrives he makes Irene and Skip sign non-disclosure agreements before he can continue with the meeting. Once they sign the forms Baker shows them a series of photos that shine a whole new light on the terrorist bombing from last fall.

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Matt Cash was assigned to ride in the second limousine on the day of the bombing, and he was killed along with Jillian. Suddenly this sheds a whole new light on the terrorist bombing. Were Jillian and Matt killed to not only help elect Alexander and Ross, but to also cover a dark secret? She claims to have seen a man in a red hat stepping behind a tree just as the explosion occurred.

The only problem is that none of the other witnesses to the explosion remembered seeing such a man on the city streets before or after the bombing.

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One of the reasons for his travels have been from the sudden loss of his wife. Mitch had been going from one bar to the next around the world, picking up loose women and drinking away his sorrows.

Vince flynn act of treason pdf to excel

With the assistance of the CIA, Mitch began running down leads and slowly closing the net around the suspect. He went all around the Mediterranean until finally making his way to the island country of Cyprus. Rapp places a call to his friend Scott Coleman , and urges him to bring his team to Cyprus as quickly as possible.

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As Coleman and his team arrive in Cyprus, Mitch witnesses Deckas discretely assassinate a target sitting in a parked car. The way that he killed the man so slyly tells Mitch that this is a very dangerous individual.

After the man in the car is killed, Mitch sees the two men who were also doing surveillance quickly leave their hotel and pursue Deckas. Outside of the office he sees that one of the men is already dead. He enters the office and finds the other man tied to a chair and being tortured by Deckas.

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Mitch shoots Deckas in both knees, and when he tries to grab a pistol and shoot back, Mitch also shoots him in both hands, effectively disabling him. These were former Soviet mafia hitmen sent to kill Alexander Deckas. But why? Scott Coleman and his team arrive, and the dead bodies are quickly disposed of in remote areas.

Alexander Deckas and the Belarus hitman are both bound and ultimately flown to the U. While Mitch Rapp was dealing with problems in Cyprus, vice president-elect Mark Ross was meeting with important clients in Geneva, Switzerland. One of the people is a wealthy Swiss banker named Joseph Speyer. Another person is Cy Green , a sleazy billionaire business man from America who is wanted for his business crimes.

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Time is running out before President-elect Alexander is sworn into office, and Green badly wants his pardon so he can finally return home. Should Alexander somehow gain momentum, then the photos would have been released.

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The photos were essentially being held as an insurance policy. Green organized a bombing that would not only eliminate Jillian and cover that secret, but also gain a massive amount of sympathy for Alexander and the sudden loss of his wife.

Despite killing innocent people, the bombing worked and it swung the election in favor of Alexander and Ross. On the flight back to Washington, D.

Vince Flynn

He learns how he entered the country, how he acquired the explosives and the van that he used to place them, and the fact that he was told to hit the second limousine. That last part seems odd as the Secret Service normally switches the order of the limousines as they begin to roll, making it more difficult for terrorists to pick the right car carrying the government officials. She also informs him that she was instructed to place Special Agent Matt Cash into the second limousine with Jillian.

His orders were to drive her back to her hotel after the next stop on the campaign tour, but the bombing changes everything. This is just part of the elaborate cover-up for the real targets of the assassination — Jillian Rautbort and Matt Cash. But neither Gazich or the hitmen knew that part of the plot.

All of the evidence points to vice president-elect Mark Ross as having the most to gain from the bombing. They bug the restaurant where Ross has another meeting with Speyer and Green, and they record all the details.

It confirms that Ross committed the ultimate act of betrayal against his country to win an election. Irene Kennedy gives Mitch explicit orders not to touch Ross. The other people are fair game. Speyer is kept alive in exchange for him returning to his job as a banker and becoming an informant whenever the CIA needs specific information.

Joseph Speyer initially objects to this as the banking system in Geneva is known for its secretive procedures to protect very wealthy clients, but if he refuses and President-elect Alexander learns the name of the man who helped kill his wife, then Speyer would ultimately be killed.

The house is scrubbed of any evidence and the bodies simply disappear.

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Back in Washington, Irene Kennedy is now on good terms with President-elect Alexander after she recently proved the news media wrong with its allegations of her and Mitch Rapp using torture against somebody who seemed to be an innocent victim. President Hayes vouches for Kennedy and her ability to stop terrorists, and Alexander asks her to remain as director of the CIA.

During the meeting, Mark Ross suddenly has a heart attack and dies right there in the Oval Office. While complaining of his condition the man mentions that he has an existing heart condition, something that only a couple of people knew. One of those people was Irene Kennedy. Irene Kennedy stepped up and carried out an act that she has ordered Mitch Rapp to do dozens of times during his career as an assassin.

That assassination occurs within the first couple of chapters in the next novel, Protect and Defend. For starters, we know right off the bat who is responsible for triggering the explosion.

Book Review: Act of Treason – Vince Flynn

The same goes less than a quarter of the way into the book when we see that it was Mark Ross and his friends who conspired to carry out the terrorist attack. We also know that Mitch Rapp is the kind of character who always gets the criminal in the end. In Act of Treason, this is very straightforward. For me, Act of Treason was too easy of a story.

He easily catches the guy and the evidence quickly points to Mark Ross as being a conspirator. Again, a quick and easy investigation leads the people to the correct answers and the story itself proceeds at a very past pace. Had Vince Flynn delicately wrote a story that involved key plot twists and kept us guessing, then Act of Treason would have been a completely different and significantly better experience.

The entire conspiracy is spelled out very early in the book, and the characters conveniently catch lucky breaks and seem to have things break their way in critical moments. Unfortunately, this slack writing style continues in the next novel, Protect and Defend.

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