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Traveling through the dark pdf viewer

Poems can be considered forms of expression that allow the reader to explore the ultimate meaning behind everyday situations.

Essay about Traveling Through the Dark by William Stafford

William Stafford's "Traveling Through the Dark" is a wonderful example of a dilemma found today. This would be the effects humans have on nature and one man's self discovery of the value and meaning of all living things. The interpretation of this is gathered through form, diction, and unity found in this poem. From beginning to end, this poem gives the reader a strong feeling of shock that is designed to enlighten us to how we as humans can negatively affect nature.

Saving Lives in "Traveling through the Dark" by William Stafford

The form of this poem is a narration that structures itself on four-line stanzas with an abrupt 3 line conclusion. Irregular in meter, the poem employs no rhyme scheme. It flows as coldly and methodically as the narrator's frame of mind, almost a necessity to accomplish his task at hand with the doe.

Through this form, the reader walks away with the sensation that they have just experienced this encounter and conflict within themselves.

Traveling through the dark pdf viewer

The poem begins with the narrator "Traveling through the dark". Darkness here is used to suggest that the narrator is unaware of human's effect on nature. Throughout this poem, the darkness fades away and light slowly increases as his awareness is heightened. The illumination reaches its peak of brilliance upon discovery of the fawn.

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Also indicative of the moral dilemma, is the use of "swerve" or to turn aside from a straight course. In the beginning, his use of "swerve" was of concern for human life, whereas in the end, it's used in a more sympathetic way to the doe and her unborn fawn. Last of all, defining the tension within resulting from the loss of life and its cause is how "I stood in the glare of the warm exhaust turning red".

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The meaning of "glare" being to stare fixedly and angrily, just as nature had quieted to listen and watch his response to the atrocity. Animals are also used as symbols to demonstrate ones separation with nature as it was illustrated in Alden Nowlan's "The Bull Moose and "Traveling through the Dark" by William Stafford. Nowlan's "The Bull Moose" was a poem about a moose that was traveling through the mountains and seemed to have been dying.

In "Traveling through the Dark", Stafford used a dead deer as a symbol of nature ruined by the act of man. In "Traveling through the Dark" like in "The Bull Moose" the people in both poems came across animals; one dead and one on the verge of dying but the poems diff Similar to the boy, the unborn fawn in the poem "Traveling trough the Dark" is destroyed by man and its civilization.

Travelling Through the Dark

In Frost's poem, he paints the setting as a countryside "sunset far into Vermont" 6 , whereas in Stafford's poem he sets the situation on a dark endless road, on the "edge of Wilson River road" 2 The peaceful setting of the countryside marks the difference that nature is still shining through the disruption The word "traveling" can also mean wandering.

Maybe he is traveling through the dark looking for a sign of hope, but all he sees is darkness, in other words, pain. Lines The taillight of the vehicle is the only source of light on this dark empty road. We would usually predict him to stumble in the darkness, but chillingly, we see that as the poem continues along, he operates better in the dark.

He can push this doe and fawn over the edge and allow the automobiles bound to travel the road to continue peacefully on their path.

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In "Dark City," the neo-noir part of the film is visible from the outset. Schreber there is insert of a maze with a mouse trying to travel through it. Additionally, John's psychological state is displayed through exaggeration and distorted ways.

This expressionistic style helps communicate to the viewer the internal what the two are feeling and going through inside. Marlow's journey into the Heart of Darkness symbolizes a journey through madness and hell traveling through the mystery of the unknown.

Traveling Through The Dark By William Stafford

Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad p. With every turn of a page another symbol jumps out and sends a shock of amusement and curiosity through your fingers, making you want to turn to the next page.

The water that rapidly flows through them symbolizes, life, hope and purity. The civilization is downstream and is easy to travel to.

Traveling through the dark pdf viewer

Upstream makes travel and trade very difficult. The most important symbol in the novel Heart of Darkness is darkness itself. As the journey through the Congo progresses it halts its journey at three stations-Outer, Central, and Inner. The triads do not end here, but persist through the characters in the novella.

Traveling through the Dark

Conrad 59 The action of travel upriver is another instance of the African environment trying to halt the progress of the whites while traveling downstream gives them a quick way out of the "darkness" and back to civilization. He goes from the products of European civilization and becomes victim to his barbaric instincts as his dark side reveals itself through partaking in horrendous rituals of the Through the influence of his Aunt, he gets the position of Captain of one of a steamer in Africa.

Traveling through the dark pdf viewer

They are described as the guards of the doors to the darkness. It is not surprising that they ultimately died in the heart of darkness. It seems as though he is examining his mind for pureness while traveling through the unknown.

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Traveling Through the Dark.

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