Thunder Tiger Big Monster Truck 4wd Manual

Thunder tiger big monster truck 4wd manual

After witnessing first hand Thunder Tigers impressive and aggressive work on the MT4-G3 Monster Truck , we just had to get our hands on some of their other vehicles and put them to the test. Would it be tougher than nails and have us all fighting for the controller?

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 1:8 Electric Monster Truck Review

Keep reading to find out.. Review by Brian. It comes with a 2. Test Locations: We tested it during several bashes, on grass, pavement, parking lots and at the Peoria River City Raceway outdoor track. The stock paint job is pretty decent.

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That ripper motor can really lay it down. On 2s Lipo we were at 30, and on 3s we were at 40mph!

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For a truck this small and light this is some good speed. We were all pretty happy with the performance the stock brushless system provided.

Thunder tiger big monster truck 4wd manual

At the track, Cubby was driving it like he stole it, mostly because he literally stole the controller from me when I set it down and was nailing some fast laps. Jumping: In the air this vehicle is like a cat!

Thunder Tiger – 1/10 Sparrowhawk XXT Review

If you needed nose up or down, it was just a pull of the trigger, and surprisingly even with some really bad launches it would usually end up landing on all fours. Durability: For what this truck is meant for..

The only damage we caused in the last few weeks, was doing something crazy.

Thunder tiger big monster truck 4wd manual

We were launching it off a huge ramp at top speed in a parking lot and landing on pavement. After about the 10th time and some insane air, we landed flat pretty hard and the two screws holding the motor to the motor mount snapped.

You can see some of the jumps in the video below. Overall: We really like the truck. It handles great, and can take some pretty good abuse, it does have a couple of minor issues.

All that serious power made pretty quick work of the stock tires. Another issues we have is with the center drive shaft. The cup specifically that holds the shaft. There are a couple of pieces that bolt it together and keep it in place, and these stick out into the area where the battery sits.

Thunder Tiger K-ROCK MT4 Mid-Engine Monster Truck RTR

The round cells fit fine, but with our larger lipo square packs, the battery can easily rub on these parts causing some trouble. There is a simple fix, so read about that in the mods. Finally the stock 2. Final complaint, the name.. Best Mods: To fix the battery rubbing issues, all you need to do is put something on the bottom brace to push the battery out away from the center drive train.

Thunder tiger big monster truck 4wd manual

We just took a few plastic washers, and tapped them inside to the brace. These fit below the drive shaft, and push the batter out enough to keep it from rubbing. As with all of our stuff, if you see us at a bash, stop by and check out the vehicles we have with us.

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We may let you take a test drive, and at the very least get you some stickers! Time To Bash — 9.


Workability — 8. The motor mount assembly was a little confusing to get right after the break, and one of the screws is pretty tough to get to for setting the mesh. Car Show Rating — 7. Bash-A-Bility — 8.

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Metal shock caps are nice. Big Squid Rating — 8. The truck has a lot of power, and is pretty durable.

Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck - Big Squid RC

Want more pictures? Check out our Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk unboxing photos. Drivers: Brian, Wrench, Cubby, Jim. Powered by.