Telepathy And The Subliminal Self Pdf Converter

Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

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Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

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Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

Can you spot electronic implants, and the wire? Simmons of Australia, a former Navy diver who had been assigned to several clandestine operations, reprinted with permission.

Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

According to Mr. Simmons, one 'object' is in the spine at the jaw level; the hole in the back of the neck shows a 'wire' running down towards a second 'object' located between the trachea and the spine; there is yet a third 'object' below the jaw. I see other strange 'objects.

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Furthermore, he states these were the results of a surgical operation and an official program in which he and about other elite Navy divers were subjected to as part of, 'medical and mind drug experiments,' which he claims caused many premature deaths among them! Frank Olson : This is truly one of the most shocking books published in recent times!

The ARC story must finally be told!

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This book is so controversial, we simply cannot guarantee later availabilities! The author, John Williams, M. Then this book goes in some detail into Williams's experiences at ARC. Frank Olson, and more.

MIND CONTROL : Concern and fear increases over electromagnetic and ultrasonic mind control and body control technologies - especially relating to electronic implants, and the motives of those who control minds and electronically harass.

141 Rare Hypnotism & Telepathy Books On Dvd- Psychic Mind Control Magic Secrets

Unfortunately, there is much more disinformation published than facts. Topics include: What is Mind Control? ISBN: Details dozens of techniques, the mechanisms of how subliminal control works, how it is most effectively used with conscious techniques, how to detect and combat subliminal attacks, subliminal inventions and subliminal references.

And the mind's mechanisms for forming beliefs, values, judgments, habits, prejudices and predictions - brain mechanisms abused by subliminal mind controllers to get you to buy, do and believe anything they want you to.

Most Powerful Telepathy Frequency - Learn Telepathy - Subliminal Biokinesis Binaural Beats

While chemical pollution can often be seen and felt, electromagnetic pollution is not seen and is seldom felt. Yet, it can cause cancer, birth defects and many psychological and neurological disorders.

Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

EMI and electronic weapons can be destructive to people, pets, plant life, equipment, plastics, etc. Topics also include: Low Freq. Includes how to tell if you are "under attack", how you can pinpoint the source of the attack, and specific countermeasures.

Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

Includes brainwaves and EEGs; behavioral conditioning, mind control, brainwashing, entrainment and dreamscaping; physiological, psychological, and neurological effects of EMBBs; brain anatomy and physiology, positive stimulations e. Dozens of photos and illustrations. Some have been called, "prophets.

No long hours of classes and great costs are required.

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And compared to magic, little or no costly props, special equipment, need of paid assistants, heavy lifting or high level of animation is required. This powerful, comprehensive manual describes in eye-popping detail the techniques, tricks and psychology fake psychics use to sometimes even fool and manipulate the biggest skeptics and cynics. There are even high-paid respectable professional positions opened to psychics e. And faking psychic powers is terrific for just personally entertaining and impressing your family, friends, coworkers and colleagues, for developing social engineering skills, and as a likely edge into careers in psychology, sales, acting, motivational speaker, etc!

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Includes countermeasures to protect yourself from fake psychics. He has now also solved the mysteries of gravity, dimensions, dark matter, dark energy, Higgs Bosons, the gravinet, gravity stimulating waves, gravity waves, sub-universes, and more. Mysteries that have plagued the greatest geniuses, including Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, for s of years, and also answers why no one has yet derived the Unified Field Theory: www.


Illustrated, detailed and comprehensive. After you return here from this page, you'll definitely want to order this great manual.

Telepathy and the subliminal self pdf converter

This is not some bogus, half-baked theory on Khufu's Pyramid but one so serious that the legendary Zahi Hawass himself ordered this manual! Far more reasonable than any of the Ramp would have required about 7 times more material than the Pyramid itself and other theories: www.

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ISBN Also, please visit our eye-popping webpages on The "Williams Petradox" - a rock with an embedded manmade-like component. From a lost advanced civilization? Dozens of clear photos most microscopic - including X-rays and ultraviolet! And-or be essential in one's decision-making. Scholars have recognized for millenia that certain numbers and numerical combinations have special - even profound - meanings. These numbers are called "universal constants.

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Then its up to you to interpret the results. NP is also a powerful number-base converter - instantly converts numbers between their decimal, hex, octal and binary representations for thorough searches. Our professionals went to Sedona to determine whether there was an unusual electromagnetic environment there to account for such reports. We used our most sophisticated equipment.

UFOs and ETs : Shocking truth behind UFO and extraterrestrial sightings, secret, massive, international efforts to communicate with space aliens, The New World Order, current and recent visits and probings, and the prospects of large space alien visits and possible attacks on the earth in the near future. See above for hotlink to our enigmalith webpage!

Includes 6TH. Radionic devices are used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and injury. Why be ripped-off any more by the traditional medical and pharmaceutical clique! Painless and non-invasive - many can even be used while asleep.

Extra sections on natural body electricity, wound healing, MEG devices, magnetic necklaces, orthodontic devices, mind control, automatic learning, etc. This data file is unique - developed and sold by Consumertronics only. The entire non-visible and nonionizing electromagnetic spectrum is covered from DC to the near infrared GHz , with special emphasis on DC, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 2. Also included are the FCC assignments of the various frequency ranges, and the physical properties of various signals.

The BSA printout includes a graphical layout of the EM spectrum sorted by the frequencies tested in the biologic studies - everything at your fingertips so that you can quickly pinpoint findings for any 0 to GHz exposure you may be concerned about.

Our results prove that certain types of light actually kill germs that cause colds, flus, and various other ailments. Learn what types of light work for certain germs! Bands included microwaves, 4 IR bands, 6 visible bands and 3 UV bands.

For all of these bands, exposures were continuous flash, single-flash, periodic flash i. We used over a dozen different energy sources. Many exciting electromagnetic therapy and light therapy results! It detects x-rays and gamma rays, and alpha particles and beta particles. Consider these advantages over others:. Is your home radiating from radon gas? Your children's schools and playgrounds?

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You MUST be able to determine what things are safe to live in, use and consume. Can your body be reshaped or reduced by simply changing the type of clothes you wear? Can what you wear actually make your body more shapely and thinner? Not just look more shapely and thinner, but actually BE more shapely and thinner? Although much of fat distribution is gene-controlled, the type of clothes worn can largely determine whether fat will move into or away from adjacent tissues to the skin.

Different materials touching or rubbing against the skin take on different static electric charges static electricity and are affected differently by environmental static electric fields present almost everywhere. Be smart on what you wear - so it doesn't, "Rub you the wrong way! Disks are 3. We carefully sifted through our gigantic and growing private underground database much of it NOT on the Net and found the best files relating to the exciting topics of this webpage.

Each PDF file is raw and mostly unedited content substantial formatting editing is done to much improve readability ; therefore there may be some inaccuracies, omissions, duplications. To preserve the rich and colorful expressions of some of the original authors, we mostly left intact those file parts which are crude. Most of this material is controversial but applicable countermeasures are also usually included , and may require adult maturity.

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