Suunto Ambit2 Vs Garmin 910xt Manual Pdf

Suunto ambit2 vs garmin 910xt manual pdf

Both watches come in a sporty design but the Suunto Ambit3 comes in a sleek black too.

Suunto Ambit2 or Garmin 910XT

Another fun feature of Garmin is, when paired with your smartphone your friends can cheer you on with little notifications on the screen and track your progress live on the Garmin website. Hello Suunto! However, when swimming the Xt has support for tracking the drills you do and can notify you by vibrations upon reaching a certain time or distance. The Ambit3 has BTLE and is thus limited on optional power meters, that means the majority of power meters are not compatible, but if you plan to upgrade, most of the new power meters, like Stages, support this too.

Suunto records it in the watch and Garmin uses support of the HRM for this metric. Both watches will give you an estimated VO2 Max. The movescount app of Suunto is pretty neat. You can set all the settings of the Ambit3 using your iPhone.

Why is Garmin Forerunner 310XT better than Suunto Ambit2?

Only an iPhone. Nevertheless, pretty neat. So that would be a tie. The XT has all the features of the Ambit3 except for the swimming heart rate. If you have to buy everything, look at what matters to you, does heart rate during the swim weigh heavy on your decision? But yeah it does add accuracy, which might come in handy on the track or in places with bad GPS reception.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT vs Suunto Ambit2

This is all nice … but … how does these top of the line watches compare to the 2nd best from each? I am still rocking a Suunto t6c and it works just great after all these years.

Suunto ambit2 vs garmin 910xt manual pdf

With HRM, Run and bike pods it stills works on a single battery for a year before changing it. Granted, there are lots of settings missing from my t6c but I seem to be able to do all training and races easily and reliably. GPS is not needed except for Stava bragging rights, and there is a phone for that. I did have a low end Gramin before this and I am just impressed with the Suunto quality. One thing I would add is that Movescount experience is different based on your watch and how you use it.

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Most of us need some place to analyse the data and figure out improvements and training changes. Movescount is nice but nothing can be done offline. My coach had a pad and paper to keep track of my progress. How about live tracking?

If my t6c breaks down tomorrow … I would probably not buy anything that needs daily charging. Am I the only one in this situation? Good point, and believe me, those comparisons are on my to-do list. I still have a handful products to review!

Re: Suunto Ambit2/2s vs. Garmin 910XT

One major difference not noted; for Swimming, my Suunto automatically pauses and restarts while doing intervals. For instance, if I am doing a set of 10 x yd freestyle swims with 15 seconds rest between each yd interval, I can set my Suunto to display the time I swam the interval, the distance swam, and the rest time, all simultaneously.

When I finish each yd interval, the Suunto recognizes you stopped swimming after a couple seconds and automatically freezes the interval time so I know how fast I went, freezes the distance, and automatically starts the rest timer. After the workout, all this interval data is saved and uploaded to movescount so I can track my interval splits.

The suunto is idiotproof for intervals.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT vs Suunto Ambit

To clarify, during your interval sets, when the Suunto recognizes you stopped swimming after a couple seconds, it automatically corrects the times by subtracting the couple seconds off your interval time and adds them to your rest time — no buttons pushed. Then you just start swimming and the interval clocks and distance counter automatically restart — no buttons pushed.

Thanks, I actually realised this too a couple of weeks ago when I took the Ambit3 for a swim again and I kept pushing the start stop button! You have to setup an interval screen on your watch. I set mine up with the interval timer on the top, the interval distance in the middle so I can read the distance during turns easier, and the interval rest timer on the bottom.

Help me decide, please. My father is 66 years old and have cardiac arrhythmia and he swim as a physiotherapy. He needs to track his heart hate during swimming and would like to have the data to show to his doctors.

Suunto ambit2 vs garmin 910xt manual pdf

The Suunto Ambit3 is better? Maybe easier for your dad to operate too as it has only 1 function basically. Thanks for your quick answare. The Finis have any record online or on iPhone app? My father need to track his heart rate during swimming, because he canot go over , as well he need to keep his heart rate records history, so he can show it to his doctors. Either the or the Suunto should be capable of showing the data live and online.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT vs. Suunto Ambit3

Just make sure for the you buy the swim HR strap which was introduced after I wrote this post , not the default. Firstly in theory the watch should work fine. The set up is easy and customizing it via movescount is great. Kuddos for that.

Suunto ambit2 vs garmin 910xt manual pdf

In triathlon mode with the Suunto you select triathlon as your exercise. You hit the start button on the top right to start the race swim. Exiting the swim you enter T1, this is when you tell the watch to switch into transition. To do this you do not just tap the Lap button located upper left you actually have to hold it down until it switches. Try doing this on the run while stripping off your swim gear. If you do not press that Lap button down firmly and precisely all that happens is you create a lap and your swim timer keeps rolling.

This is a huge fail on Suunto part.

10-Day Sale: Garmin FR910XT down to $249, Suunto Ambit 2S down to $263

A triathlon transition should be done in 2 minutes. Having to muck about with the lap button is a fail. Next you cannot view your individual triathlon sports using the movescount app. Again this is a huge fail. On the app all you see is one giant mess of an exercise.

You cannot see a break down of each sport, swim, bike and run. In this day and age there is no excuse why this happens, hire better software developers and join the 20th century. So when can you see a break down of your triathlon? Only when you use the movescount website and you only get a minor break down of the sports, time, distance and pace. You do not get any other information for each sport like you would if you do an individual sport such as heart rate, elevations, cadence, swim strokes, PTE, so on and so on.

Why is Suunto Ambit better than Garmin Forerunner 910XT?

And for you Strava junkies out there your triathlon data can only be viewed as one single sport, no breakdown. Huge fail.

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So if triathlon is your main activity by pass Suunto at all costs. Sorry Suunto, thumbs down.

Suunto ambit2 vs garmin 910xt manual pdf

Great insight, thanks! I had someone bump into my Garmin after about m into the swim of a half distance. Not common, but can happen. Sign me up for your newsletter!

Suunto Ambit2/2s vs. Garmin 910XT

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