Studio Master 16 4-2 Manual

Studio master 16 4-2 manual

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New Reply Thread Tools. Search thread. Similar Threads. StudioMaster Opinions? Hello Guys, I'm thinking of purchasing this board to get some "roughness" to my otherwise overly clean digital tracks.

Studio master 16 4-2 manual

I don't want to sum with it, just use it for passing tracks through and printing to tape and for routing from tape to my computer. Any one with experience with these boards?

I've heard everything from they have great eqs, to noisy preamps, to fat bottom, to crappy pots. Were the older 70's ones with VU's better than the later 80's models with leds as I've read on gearslutz before?

The one I'm looking at is the scripted logo with Leds meters. Looks to be early 80's. See attached pic. Thanks so much, DG. Attached Thumbnails. I know this is a really old post, but I now have this board and wanted to comment. If for no other reason, to provide info for slutz considering buying the in the future.

My experience is still limited with this equipment, but I do really like the EQ.

I do find the low end bass freq's to be exaggerated, so you need monitors that get a little lower than most with 5" woofers do. The preamps seem usable so far, but I have only used them on drums, so have not pushed any gain.

Studio master 16 4-2 manual

I think the summing opamps will be my first mod on this board. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

I would love to hear others' experiences! Dan SoundSmith. I am just about to buy one of these. It has three add on modules so it's a 8 Any ideas?

Maybe there's something I'm missing with the total mix software? Also, I don't know how to evaluate it's condition.

The guy claims everything was working tip-top, but has not used it in 4 years. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated. Cheers, Dan.

Studio master 16 4-2 manual

Originally Posted by Dan SoundSmith. It has three add on modules so it's a Originally Posted by gravyface. Do the channels have direct out?


If not, you should be able to route the channels to sub-outs into your FireFace and use it as a preamp. I do the same with with my Tascam M 80's mixer. I really like the sound I get.

Studiomaster 16-4-2

You could sum with them too. I'm gonna pass on this. It just doesn't make sense for my small appartment. But I do really want to be able to mix through an analog board, and I just don't see how to marry the old mixers with my RME to take advantage of all the channels Thanks anyways, Cheers.

Back from the dead.

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I just stumbled onto this thread again and thought I would give an update. I swapped out the summing op amps in the sub groups to LM's. To my ears, this was a nice improvement over the 's which were there when I got the board. The exaggerated low end mentioned above seems to have been cured with the mod also.

I still have to swap the op amps on the main outs, and plan to recap the power supply have parts just haven't made time. I actually monitor everything through the sub group outs because of the improvement. I want to compare the 2 to see how much better, if at all, the more expensive console performs.

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I would prefer the new console have channels, balanced direct outs and at least 8 busses. Also prefer good sweepable eq if possible. Thanks in advance for your help! My Studio. Thank you for the recommendations!

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As far as the Amek, is this including the TAC line of consoles as well? Can anyone confirm whether or not this is true. I have an older 32 Channel Studio Master desk. It sounds great on things that are overly "clean" or things that you you do not want to be clean, such as grungy sounding drums.

The EQ is nice. Well, i just swapped out the summing op amps for the stereo outs. Changed from 's to LM's. I like what I'm hearing so far, except there is some noise present that was not on the sub groups. Looks like i will need to get some bypass caps in there next. Nothing yet.

Looking for the user manual?

I decided to wait until after the holidays, and I haven't seen anything I want yet. Just tweaking on my Studiomaster biding my time. I modded one of this. Changed every opamp, recapped the whole mixer used some polypropylen on the eq. Made a stargrounding, got rid of the flexicables and soldered them permanently. In the End it was a difference like night and day. But it took a good amount of money and many days or weeks of my time. Difference in sound was that it went from and big bottom raw sound to a clean usable mixer.

Leave the opamps as they are maybe recap the whole thing and use it as an effects box, send some stems thru it, which nees some flavor and use another mixer as your main mixer. This desks have some sound to it. But mixing whole songs is too much.

If you have problems with noise, check the flexicables, check the caps, this makes an big difference. Look for tantalums on the psu and maybe you change the diodes for fast switching ones and or the voltage regulators on the psu. Ill buy your Studiomaster is its still available I doubt it mind.

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Studio master 16 4-2 manual

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