Standard Furniture Dimensions Pdf Writer

Standard furniture dimensions pdf writer

Visual Planner Customer Support: Email: support visual-planner. For your convenience, the Home Page includes a Flash Player detection alert in case you need to install this small plug-in. Flash updates are automatically handled within the browser. The speed of a computer's processor and the amount of memory available affect Visual Planner's speed as they would any other website using Flash applications.

You may be able to use Visual Planner on an older computer but it will certainly be slower. Please note: Visual Planner usability on Macs cannot be guaranteed because of the large number of operating system and browser configurations.

What are the minimum desk dimensions?

The Visual Planner home page contains two ways of accessing the system. As a registered user, you can log in directly from this page using your email address and password. Create a New Layout: Start a new project requiring a space layout. Load a Typical Layout: Depending on your Visual Planner version, you may be presented with this option, allowing you to start a project by selecting from popular product configurations.

For instance, if you are only looking to find a single item to see its specification options and price, you will benefit from using Product Selector. An upgraded design for this feature now allows you to easily find and sort through your projects.

To start a layout, select a pre-designed room shape or draw your own from scratch. Initial room measurements can be changed later on if necessary. If using one of the pre-designed room shapes, the walls will be already in place after you click the continue button.

Reference: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights for Seating Designers

In contrast, when drawing a room from scratch, you will automatically start in the "Draw Mode" where you can trace the layout of your walls by setting points on the design grid. Drawing Tools allows users to modify the shape and size of their room. In Step 2: Design, you will be able to browse through available products in the system and start laying them out in your space. Product Pull-Down Menus: Start here to access all available products in the system.

Pull-Down Menus may look different based on different Visual Planner setups. Note : All lists available through the drop-down menus are sorted alphabetically. Your actual menus may vary depending on the system you are using. First: Select a Catalog. Second: Choose whether to search by Manufacturer or Product Index.

Understanding Office Furniture Measurements - What is the Width, Depth & Height?

Select Manufacturer: List of available manufacturers. A selection here is required to view available options in the next menu. Select a Product Series: List of available collections for the manufacturer selected in the previous menu. Note: The product library opens automatically once you select a collection from this menu. Select a Product Category: of available product types regardless of the manufacturer.

Product Series: Each category is further broken down into specific product options or sizes. The Generic Catalog, which contains standard furniture item shapes or symbols without any particular manufacturer item number, provides you with an option to lay out a space for visual presentation purposes only while deciding later which specific manufacturer items to assign to the product symbols on the Bill of Materials or Quote page, or to use the generic furniture item symbols as place holders to represent furniture that already exists in an area you are laying out.

If you deploy your Visual Planner on your website so your customers can lay out their own spaces, the generic catalog also provides an easy option for them to simply select the types of furniture they are looking for, and you can specify the lines you want to recommend to them. Viewport Tools: allows users to navigate in planning area and manipulate products. Once on the 3D-view, use the Back button to return to the plan view.

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To activate the tape measure tool, simply click the "Measure : OFF" button, which will change to "Measure : ON" and highlight in orange..

Next, simply click where you would like to begin your dimension string and click again to end it. Deactivate the tool by clicking the Measure button.

What is the standard height of a desk?

To remove a dimension string, select it on the plan and click the delete button. The tape measure tool must be deactivated in order to move or delete dimension strings. Dimensions can be hidden by clicking the Hide Measure button. Your Measurements will be printed on the plan-view if left visible on the floor plan. Product Tools: Perform specific operations on the selected product. Configure : Allows user to add products such as pedestals below the main product if options are available.

Placing items on the floor plan from modular collections such as desk or credenza shells will automatically prompt this reminder. The Configuration option serves as a short-cut for you to locate all available and correct storage options available for the specific work surface such as pedestals and lateral files.

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You no longer need to leave the Visual Planner to look up this information in a catalog. This saves you time as well as ensures you are selecting only the correct options. When adding a tag, you will be able to enter a new tag title or choose from existing tags if any. The ultimate result of tagging products is to display them appropriately grouped under the added tags, as shown in this example. You can turn the Snap tool off, by clicking on the highlighted Snap button, if you need to place items close to each other without connecting them together.

Note: The Snap tool is activated by default when starting a design box is highlighted. Simply select an item on the floor plan and click the Specify button to access this page. Any choices made here will be applied to the entire collection unless chosen otherwise.

Standard furniture dimensions pdf writer

Please also note, for your convenience, your last choice made on this page also applies to new items dragged from the library. To select finishes per individual product, uncheck the box located under the finish choices.

If unchecked, your specification choices will be applied to the currently selected product only. In this step, you will be able to browse through available items such as ergonomic products, door kits, etc. The quote page contains a detailed bill of materials. All product information such as, SKU , Finish, Quantity and Prices are tracked here as soon as items are placed on the floor plan.

Features : Depending on your Visual Planner system, all or some of the following functionality may be available. Simply enter a percentage by which you would like the List Price to be discounted. The new price is automatically calculated and shown as the new Sell Price.

Standard furniture dimensions pdf writer

Sub-totals as well as the grand total are calculated automatically. Once you've submitted your quote to United Stationers, you will receive a confirmation that we have received your quote and will respond soon with your quote. Note : Only registered users have the ability to interact with the Quote and make entries on this page.

Measurements of Standard Furniture

Registered Users Only. Save: Command allows users to save a current office layout design. Designs are given a unique session number that can be used to retrieve them in the future.

Save As: Allows users to save a copy of the current office layout design as a new session number.

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Please note that the Bill of Materials Quote is printed directly and separately from the Quote page. Tutorial Share: Allows users to share their design with others. When sharing a project with an unregistered user i. Please Note: Designs can only be shared with one email address at a time.

If you're designing a chair, sofa, stool, bench, booth or banquette, start here

Export: This option is used to export the data from the Quote page bill of materials into either a ". Registered Users Only The ". The ". Restart: Command allows users to log out of the system and either start a new layout or log back in to work on previous designs. Please note: If multiple users are using the same computer station to access the system, each user should restart after they complete a session and leave the station. Contact Us: Command allows end users to contact YOU the dealership or manufacturer with their project or order questions.

This feature serves as a lead generation tool and automatically saves customers' sessions prior to forwarding the contact request. Tools 1. Start typing the sku, then choose the exact sku from the list. Make sure to include the appropriate prefix for available catalog items. When selected, the Text tool will open the "Text Editor" where all entries and formatting changes are made. Please also note the "Hide all text" option, which allows you to generate a print out without the text previously entered if desired.

Once the Text Editor is closed, users will be able to move, rotate, duplicate and delete the text just like furniture items. Accessing the Module: As a Visual Planner subscriber, you automatically gain access to this new module through your existing Visual Planner account.

Children's Furniture Dimensions

In the Product Selector Module these options can also be entered manually by entering option codes Auto Suggest functionality available. What am I doing wrong?

Standard furniture dimensions pdf writer

Simply bring back the cursor inside the space so that you can clearly see the star shape. Tutorial Where can I find pedestals to use below my worksurface? Instead of looking for those items in the general product library, you can find them inside the Configuration page for each desk, credenza, return or bridge if applicable within the modular collections.

Standard furniture dimensions pdf writer

This is not only a short-cut but also guarantees that you will be working with correct options for that specific product. To access those storage options, simply drag your desk or credenza onto the floor plan and click the 'Configure' button associated with them.

Once on the Configuration page, you will be represented with all available AND correct storage options that can be placed below the work surface.

Reference: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights for Seating Designers

Tutorial Why do all my products change to the same color? Individual color selections for the same collection must be made outside of the system. How do I move, rotate, or delete more than one product at a time?

Standard furniture dimensions pdf writer

Hold down your left mouse button and draw a selection box that surrounds any products you want to move together.