Smart City Pune Pdf To Excel

Smart city pune pdf to excel

Smart city pune pdf to excel

As strategy, PMC will think proactively to fix infrastructure for the future. Most cities do not take into account urbanization and population growth, thus creating infrastructure that always lags demand.

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A comprehensive framework has been drawn for the core sectors, e. Pune will also need to fix the housing challenge with 20, cr required for affordable and mass housing in the next 5 years cr for slums.

PMC has created a detailed roadmap consisting of current capex plan cr per year , land monetization cr per year , other government missions cr per year , debt and PPP cr per year. PMC has drawn a detailed plan to monetize its own land every year Exhibit 4 Ref. PMC has been rated AA by Fitch and has also moved ahead to create a separate, ring-fenced infrastructure fund a first of its kind in India.

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This will help Pune to borrow from the market at attractive rates. In addition to fixing infrastructure, Pune will also upgrade its neighbourhoods to world-class livability standards in a phased manner, starting with the local area development pilot.

Smart city pune pdf to excel

This would be a holistic transformation of neighbourhoods across core infrastructure, social infrastructure e. A detailed roadmap has been created in the proposal for the local area selected, which will be replicated across Pune.

Smart city pune pdf to excel

This would require funds of INR 1, cr to 2, cr per neighbourhood. The National River Conservation Fund to the tune of Cr has been approved by the Govt of India for river cleaning, while the contract for consultancy for the riverfront development has been issued to HCP consultants to create a detailed master plan which drove Sabarmati riverfront development. Pune engaged citizens in what is perhaps one of the largest envisioning exercises in the history of Indian cities.

Smart city pune pdf to excel

The entire administrative machinery along with an ecosystem of the media, NGOs and private companies reached out to over 4 lakh households, i. The smart volunteers were supported by a team of members across the public and private sectors.

More than 35 lakh inputs were received from the citizens across the city. In addition, there was significant citizen involvement through the internet and social media.

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An exclusive website was set up, where the entire citizen engagement strategy and interactive forms were created, to get citizen inputs on vision and goals.

Based on citizen inputs from more than 50 percent households, two word clouds were created for: a Vision and b Major issues facing citizens Exhibit 6. The top three vision words—clean, beautiful and green—feature in the overall vision for Pune. Also, the top issues—transport, water and other core infrastructure issues—feature in the overall vision of Pune.

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Initiatives selected under pan-city and LAD development fully reflect this. Thereafter, citizens were engaged with to identify specific goals within these sectors. Top goals identified by the citizens are mentioned in Exhibit 8. The overall plan for Pune is fully in line with solving these specific issues.

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Ideas were then crowd-sourced through discussion forums on the portal. Transport received maximum number of solutions Solutions proposed by the citizens were further refined with inputs from experts, solution providers, NGOs and people representatives through four mini-labs, and finally, the Smart City Proposal SCP was shared with citizens.

Also, 8, households in ABB Area supported through pledge. Both extensive citizen inputs detailed in the next question and city profiling were taken into account when defining this vision.

Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik and Seven More Cities Selected as ‘Smart City’

This is critical since mobility is 1 issue in both citizen engagement and desk profile. The aspirations on transportation include:.

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Like transportation, this will also require a holistic set of solutions, both short-term and long-term. Specific goals in water and sewerage include:. While Pune has done well compared to other cities on many dimensions of core urban infrastructure, it will still need to work on them to fulfil its aspiration of becoming one of the most liveable cities in India. Specific goals include:.

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Make riverfronts clean, green and iconic: Punekars love their riverfront. In the citizen survey on specific goals, clean rivers and water bodies along with zero discharge of unauthorized water featured among top priorities.

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One of the visions of Pune, then, will be to develop its large riverfront along three rivers. Bimal Patel of HCP Consultants, one of the top urban planners redeveloped Sabarmati riverfront , has already been engaged.

A key short-term goal will be to develop 3.

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Create , high-end jobs in the start-up hub and other locations within the core city: With more than 10 km of lead travel and slowing speed of traffic, Punekars are feeling the commute challenge in a city that is growing radially. Creating at least 0. Become one of the top 10 cities in the ease of doing business and e-governance parameters: With a high-performing municipality that has been able to perform well in most urban services and has leveraged ICT to improve citizen services and interaction, the next challenge is to significantly improve the ease of doing business and e-governance, to be at par with top 10 cities worldwide.

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As the first step, the special purpose vehicle SPV in the local area ABB will implement five specific solutions end-to-end, which could be replicated across the city. Tweets by SmartPune. Info punesmartcity.