Sketchup Print To Scale Pdf To Autocad

Sketchup print to scale pdf to autocad

Sketchup print to scale pdf to autocad

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How to Print to Scale from Google SketchUp 8

CatchUp Reviews. Printing to scale The ideal place for beginners to get help using SketchUp. Post a reply. My model is a simple 2d plan and the entire dimensions are x i. Does anyone know how to centre the image on 1 page without losing the correct scale?

If i try to type in the page dimensions , the print dialog box changes the scale as I type! Why is this happening? Many Thanks. Select Parallel projection Camera menu 2. Select one of the standard views Camera menu or toolbar button 3.

SketchUp Tutorial: Import Floor Plan as an Image

Set your scale in the print dialog and print The first two are very important. The last step is a little complex so here is a more detailed description. You can print at a scale of or any other scale you desire. However, your paper and printer have to accommodate the end result. Click OK. Before going any further let me say that the Google SketchUp Pro User Guide is misleading, inaccurate and incomplete when it come to printing instructions.

Also, there is a printing behavior that I consider a bug when it come to printing to scale.

So if you are going to print to any scale, including , first resize you drawing window so there is a minimum amount of unused drawing area on all sides of your drawing. If you don't you will end up printing on multiple pages when you only need one. Uncheck "Fit to page" and "Use model extents". You can figure out if the paper you are using is large enough for a printout, or conversely, figure out the scale you need to use to print on one page by putting a 1 in both "In the printout" and "In SketchUp" boxes and the same units in the drop down boxes beside them.

Creating a PDF of your document

If you want to print then you need to print on paper at least as large as indicated in the "Width" and Height" boxes under "Page size". If your printer doesn't handle a page that size then use these numbers to figure out a printing scale that works. Place the new scale in the "In the printout" and "In SketchUp" boxes with the correct units in the drop down boxes and check to be sure that new scale will fit on your paper size. Here is an example. I have a model; it is simply a rectangle 10" x 20".

I am using Letter paper 8. I minimize the blank drawing area all around my model by resizing my drawing window. Next I place a 1 in each of the "In the printout" and "In SketchUp" boxes with inches selected in the drop down boxes next to them.

Exporting a document as image files

I momentarily check the "Use model extents" box and notice that the paper size requirements are 30" Width and 20" Height. I know this to be wrong since my model, with no dimensioning, is 20" Wide by 10" High. I uncheck the "Use model extents" box again and now my paper requirements are This is much more reasonable and consistent with the size of my model.

Sketchup print to scale pdf to autocad

By the way, I think there is another bug in the Print Preview menu because this last calculation is not performed by SketchUp unless you check and uncheck "Use model extents" box.

Now, with a little calculation I have to use something larger than the larger of these two calculations. I could use , which is a good scale factor and slightly larger than either result.

I plug 1 into "In the printout" and 2 into "In SketchUp" and notice it will fit on my paper. Now I click OK and I have an accurately scaled drawing.

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I had followed all the steps you laid out and was still having problems. I agree it seems to be more of a 'bug' issue than anything. I found that if I zoom into the model so it just fits on the screen it will print to one page but the model has to fit the screen exactly and that ratio is not proportionate to and A size page.

I appreciate Sketchup is not a full CAD system but when dealing with graphics I can think of any other program that has these flaws!

One I think Google really need to improve on. Printing is basic and should not be this difficult whether a simple 3D drawing package or a word editor. However, you can make it work.

Sketchup print to scale pdf to autocad

I may not have been clear about fitting the model into the window. First zoom to extents as you did. Sometimes the tool icons make this difficult and you have to rearrange them to allow you to get rid of the wasted space. But stick with it and you will succeed. I am defending Google.

This printing thing is a mess and stumps almost everyone. But you can make it work with patience. If you want to share the. Using any different scale just so it would fit on the page would not have helped me in this case. As my entire model plan was exactly the same size as an A3 piece of paper, and my printer was set up to A3 I could not understand why I could not enter the print dimensions as A3 , and also keep the scale at in the Print Preview dialogue box.

To keep to scale meant the paper size dimension changed in the dialogue box and I had to print on oversized paper - A2- which was a bit of a waste. Following your advice I checked, then unchecked the 'use model extents box', which did help to an extent, but the page dimensions remained slightly too large.

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It seems to be more a matter of adjusting and trial and error, which can be frustrating when working to a deadline! Anyway thanks for your advice, once Ive got the model finished I'll try to post an image! Ive been using the unfold plugin to convert my Sketchup model into a 3D card model. Aside from the printing issues, it has proved much quicker than working by hand and produced some excellent results!

There is no way to directly set the extent of the model size and extent of the canvas. Changing the drawing area window size causes panning of the drawing. As a result it is impossible to align precisely the edges of the printed page to the edges of the model.

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It would require infinite patience to achieve it by using window resize and pan, which are interdependent. Posts: 1 Joined: Sat Feb 21, am. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.

Sketchup print to scale pdf to autocad

Was anyone awake at there developers meetings? This non ability to print to scale is not only frustrating, it clearly limits the potential of this program, in MHO. Aloha red p.

Is layout any better? Or do I have to export to a real CAD program? Posts: Joined: Fri Jan 23, am Name: redinhawaii. You need to be a Member to view images or to make downloads.

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I want to "print to scale". I have tried 1"in drawing" to 8' in the "in model" it does not translate to printable scale. I did try to "send to Layout"..

When I print straight from sketchup it does not print, when I import to LayOut, I get this background color. Note that I have the grid on to show that there isn't any background colour and you can see what's "underneath". At times i have a need, particularly with simple 2d drawings with School students, to print their drawing to scale.

Sometimes for a template or say for an orthographic view its required documentation. The 3d modeling is fine and can deal with the model being sized by the zoom extents tool and fitting to a page. Has there been any progress? Set the view mode to parallel projection, flip to a standard view and thn go print. You have to turn off "Fit To Page" then it will allow you to print to scale. Another option that works very well once you get used to it is to do your printing from LayOut.

It also lets you print to scale, and might even be more well adapted to it. Hope that helps, Chris. Lately you've been tan, suspicious for the winter. All my Plugins I've written. First, you are able to actually enter a desired scale in the print options box? That is a big hurdle. What scale do you want to print at?