Sikaran Battle Tank Pdf To Jpg

Sikaran battle tank pdf to jpg

Sikaran battle tank pdf to jpg

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Sikaran battle tank pdf to jpg

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Sikaran battle tank pdf to jpg

Battle Tank pages kueden battle-tank. It is inspired by the fantastic Mammoth MK This Lego Technic version has the following functionality: - Driving and steering - Turret rotation - Vertical cannon alignment - Firing and automatic loading of 11 rounds These functions are achieved based on four motors allowing for minimum size of the MOC.

It is achieved by combining the gun motor with a free wheel that allows for both, firing and vertical gun allignment. The selection of the function is achieved through the rotation direction of the motor. Construction hints: See the constuction hints for the turret here.

Battle Tank

The structure of the tank is rigid thanks to the full integration of the battery box. Battery replacement is still easy, provided you do not install the covers.

Sikaran battle tank pdf to jpg

By removing a few elements the access to the batterys is simple for the bottom side and the top side. The battery box can be switched on and off through the manhole in the tank. Battle Tank 1. Battle Tank 2.

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Battle Tank Bottom. Battle Tank Manhole.

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Sikaran battle tank pdf to jpg

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