Rubiks Cube Solving Tips Pdf Download

Rubiks cube solving tips pdf download

Are you ready to impress your friends and look like a genius? Using an improved method based off the one supplied by the Rubik's company, you'll soon be solving the cube in under 30 seconds! The only material you need for this instructable is your Rubik's Cube- so let's go!

Rubiks cube solving tips pdf download

NOTE: You can view this instructable here, or download the abridged version as a one page. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Now look at the edge pieces that make up your cross. Align all of them with the correct color of center piece that they touch.

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This step is mostly intuitive, but might require flipping the F, R, L, or B layer twice to get the piece to B. See the piece between the Red and Green center pieces in the picture below? It's in the wrong place. Orient the cube with the White cross on the bottom, and find a piece in the U layer that doesn't have yellow on it.

Turn the U layer until that piece is matched with the center piece that matches its color on the U layer. From there, orient the cube with those pieces in F.

Rubiks cube solving tips pdf download

Perform the algorithm L'UL to get the piece in place. Repeat this step only twice more with other pieces.

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube: So Easy a 3 Year Old Can Do It! Easy Beginner Step by Step Tutorial

Now your cube has 3 of 4 edge pieces in place. Orient the cube with yellow on U, and find a white piece on U. Align that white piece above the mismatched edge piece. Now, look at the other 2 colors on your corner piece.

Rubik's Cube Solver

Find the place that piece should go on the D layer. Spin D until that spot aligns underneath the other 2, then turn the cube so that your set-up is on the right side perform RUR' algorithm as many as 5 times to get your piece in correctly.

Repeat this step with all corners. You probably still have the last edge piece to put in. Spin U until the edge piece matches the color to the right of the 2 colors. Now, there should be 0, 2, or 4 yellow pieces matching the yellow center piece in U.

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Repeat this until you have all 4 yellow edge pieces up. There are 4 different situations you may encounter at this point. From there, reassess the pattern using this column. Using this method, I've personally solved a cube in under 25 seconds on multiple occasions.

Keep practicing- and don't be afraid to try new ideas! Once you get good, you'll want to work on 'finger tricks' -or using your fingers to spin the cube instead of your hands, in addition to keeping the cube oriented with one color on top and solving with any starting color!

Rubiks cube solving tips pdf download

I can do it in 5 minutes and 16 seconds but the fastest person can do it in 6. I'm amazed of how this person did it. Reply 2 years ago. In that u solve the edges also their corners at the same time and it reduces time. At first it will take more time but afterwards u have a habit then u can solve it under 1 min.

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Rubiks cube solving tips pdf download

Your best option for a somewhat intermediate method would be 2 look OLL, so, the first thing you would need to do is go to rubik's dot com and see the standard method, then go to www. I can solve it in about 42 seconds now. Reply 12 years ago on Introduction. Thanks : I tried to keep it simple, but fast and efficient at the same time- so you can learn it as a first method, and use the same method to compete with :.

I can solve it in 42 seconds, using a different method I can't do this one that fast, around Introduction: Solve a Rubik's Cube! By eLeet Follow. More by the author:.

About: I love looking at everything in new ways- whether it's a problem that needs an innovative solution, or a philosophy about life that I come up with. I love tinkering with stuff, and doing things that defy con Attachments Solve a Rubik's Cube. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

Solve a Rubik's Cube! (Improved!)

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How To Use The Rubik's Cube Solver?

On down side in side square there are two different colors. LemuelE1 5 months ago. I'm a beginner how can I solve the Rubik cube? I have the Rubik cube but unable to solve it.

How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube: An Easy Tutorial

I can solve in sec, but i want to solve it in 1 minute. Please help how to do.. BhadrakshB prajeev1 Reply 2 years ago.

Tips for solving the Rubik’s cube 3×3

I can solve it in 37 sec. BhadrakshB reza78 Reply 2 years ago.

Rubiks cube solving tips pdf download

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You Solver.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I can solve a 10X10X10 rubiks cube in under an hour. GorillazMiko 12 years ago on Introduction.

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