Rmx 2000 Polycom Pdf To Jpg

Rmx 2000 polycom pdf to jpg

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Under the law , In the Collaboration Server system ma nagement and IP conferen cing are performed on The following table lists the Collabora tion Server features that are supp o This applies to RMX , 20 00, and only. End point s that are unable to meet these requireme nts connect as Secondary audio only.

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A VC Video The t able belo w lists the resources available to VSW conferences by line rate and card type. The value of this flag is the system minimum threshold bit ra te for HD reso lutions.

Rmx 2000 polycom pdf to jpg

The line rate sele cted in the conference Profile must be the same as or h igher tha T r ans For example, a conf erence can be defined as Profiles eliminate the need to define these para meters for each n ew conference created Conferencing Cap abilities in th e Different Confer encing Mode The number of the curr ently defined Confere nce Profiles appears in the title of the list pane.

The following Conference Profile pr ope rties are displayed in the List T o modify the Profile pro perties: 1 In t T o delete a Conferen ce Profile: 1 List the Prof ile that are curr ently defined in t he system. For details, see Viewing the List of Conference Profiles.

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When Co T o fa cilitate the definition proce ss of a new Profile, the system displays defa ult values for ea ch parame ter so you need only to modify th T he line rate represents th e combined video, audio and Content ra te. The default setting is Kbps.

Installing the RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) 2000

The New Profile — Advanced dialo g box opens. An Operator conference can only be a Use this option when most of the endpoints support H. The automa tic switching is enabled when t he number of particip ants exceeds t When a new video participant connects or disconnects, the conferen The selected layout is displayed in th e Video La yout pan e.

Rmx 2000 polycom pdf to jpg

This prevent The New Profile - Skins dialog box opens. Auto mute noisy endpoints This option is automatically enabl ed in new Profiles. When enabled, the RMX can d The New Profile - Recording dialo g box opens.

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Conference Requires Chairperso n Select this option to allow the conferen ce to start only when the If no Recording Links are foun Using the Site Name dialog box, you can control th e display of the site names by defining the fo nt, size, color , background color and transpa rency and position within the V ideo Window.

For a de The color and background for Site Names display te xt is dependent on whether a Plain Skin or a Picture Skin was selected for the conferen ce in the Profile - Skins tab. The choic Lef tBottom Bottom RightBottom Custom The current endpoint site names display position becomes the initial position for Site Names position adj ustments using the Horizont al and Ve r t i c a l Position sliders.

The New Profile - Messag e Overlay dialog box ope ns.

Rmx 2000 polycom pdf to jpg

Message Overlay enables you to send text messages to all p articip ants during on going Continuous Presence conf erences. The text message is seen as pa rt of Sele ct this check box to en able Message Overlay or clear it to disable i t. Content Enter the messag For example: 25 Click the Network Services tab. The New Profile - Network Ser vices dialog box opens.

Polycom RMX 2000 RealPresence Collaboration Server MPMX-S RTM IP

Registration of conferencing entities such a s o ngoing con A new Profile is created and ad ded to the Conference Profiles list. All connected par ticipants ar e kept informed about the current co nference st The profile also includes the dial-in numbers and the optional additional information to displa y on the slide. Conference s that The text mess It can on ly be modified in the conference profile. A particip ant This profile can be assigned to Meeting Rooms, co nferences, reservation s and Entry Que If the selected line rate is below the minimum line rate threshold require d for the selected resolution, the line rate is automatically adjusted to the minimum line rate thres The dialog boxes and their options chang e as the conference be havior and the MCU video processing change.

For example, site name display is performe The profile t abs and options change accor dingly and only supported op tions are available for selection. Unsupported options are disabled grayed o ut.

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The New Profile — Advanced d ialog box opens. Y ou can define the R outing Name or it can be automaticall The New Profile — Video Quality d ialog box opens. In SVC conferences, each end point determ ines its own video layou t and there is no conference le vel layout selected. Therefore, all the V ideo Settings p arameters are disa bled. Content Protocol H.

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It indicates the a mount of time a particip ant mu st speak continuously befor e becoming the speaker. The N ew Profile - Network Ser vices ta b opens.

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This all Accept Calls T o prevent dial in particip an ts from connecting to a conferencing entity when connectin g via a Network Service, If the co nnection c annot be est ablished using the The minimum threshold lin e rates at whi Video Switched conferences are n ot affected.

A conference with Shar pness selected in it s Profile uses the Sharpness settings of the Resolution Although the default minimu m threshold bit rates provide accept able video quality , the use of higher bit rates usually resu lts in be Endpoint s connecting at line rates be For more information see Defining New Profiles. Additional Intermedia te V Content Sharing Using H. The Collaboration Ser Dependin g on the When this pr otocol option is s elected, endpoints mu st connect at Content bit rates abov For more information see Modifying System Flags.

Example The following ta ble summarizes an example of two particip ants trying to connec The available content options change according to the selected Confere ncing Mode and the Card The H.

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The higher Content Resolution shou ld be selected When selected, a drop-down men u of the availabl e Conferenc The following t able lists the Casca de The Up date Flag dialog box is displayed. Enter 0 to disable However , in Le cture Mode, when Con tent is sent to legacy end points, when switching to the Conte The System Flags dialog bo x opens.

The Edit Fla The Collabora tion Server User can withdraw th e Content T oken ownership is cancelled fo r the endpoin