Rick Latham Advanced Funk Studies Pdf Reader

Rick latham advanced funk studies pdf reader

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What makes a great drum book? But judging by a recent poll in which Modern Drummer readers were asked to name their favorite volumes, a few characteristics stand out.

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For starters, many of the books that have stood the test of time and are now considered classics have multiple applications. Another characteristic of a worthy drum book is its practicality.

Variation of groove from book Rick Latham - Advanced Funk Studies, Funk Patterns, ex. 48

Good books are not just filled with page after page of mechanical exercises that may or may not relate to what you would play on a gig; they offer usable material that develops musicality along with technical skills. All of the texts cited here fit those criteria. The books are separated into categories, but due to their versatility some of them could fit into more than one slot.

Rick latham advanced funk studies pdf reader

Within each category, the entries are listed in order of their popularity, based on the number of votes each one received from all the sources combined.

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Master Studies includes those exercises, along with material that Morello himself used to develop his formidable technique. He created the exercises in this book so that his students would have the independence and coordination to play anything they encountered.

Rick latham advanced funk studies pdf reader

Realistic Rock is filled with practical, usable beats from a drummer who helped define the modern rock style. The similarly structured Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset is also highly regarded.

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Historical information and a well-recorded demo CD make this a vital study in exploring the origins of contemporary kit vocabulary. View More. Will be used according to our Privacy Policy.

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Rick latham advanced funk studies pdf reader

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Rick latham advanced funk studies pdf reader

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