Rg 14 Revolver Manual Safety

Rg 14 revolver manual safety

Rg 14 revolver manual safety

The 2 diget number is the year the revolver went through the German Proof House. Chances are that was the year that it was made. This could have been anytime from when the importation of inexpensive German revolvers was stopped.

Rg 14 revolver manual safety

To when RG went out of business in Florida. Dave, Your right! Many of these were just as dangerous regardless of whether your in front of the muzzle or behind it!

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Not to sure about the sides either. Notifications Close.

Rg 14 revolver manual safety

Author Message Numrich Archiver. Posted: April 3, PM.

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Posted: April 4, AM. Posted: April 4, PM. Posted: June 10, PM.

ROHM RG14 Revolver disassembly

Try these for a freebie: www. Numrich Archiver Joined: February Posts: Posted: April 4, AM my particular model has no proof mark, only small stampings on one side that read " mod.

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Posted: April 4, PM well ok, thanks for the info and your help. Posted: June 10, PM where can i get a manual.

Rg 14 revolver manual safety