R2d2 Voice Activated Robot Manualidades

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades

I just got the Hasbro interactive R2D2 voice controlled robot from ebay.

R2-D2 Star Wars R2D2 Droid Interactive Astromech Robot Toy Hasbro

It works fine for about a minute or two and then the head gets stuck and it becomes unresponsive. Does anyone else have one of these toys? Has anyone encountered this? Please help!! I am using rechargeable batteries brand new , but I don't think it is that.

If I turn it off and then back on, it will work for another minute and then repeat the problem! Oh well, for what it's worth, we have one too. Only on the 2nd batch of batteries, it's been a good little droid!

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades

I have one. Wack it in the head to reset it. Or say, R2 reset system. If that still doesnt work, it may be falty. I kept it for about 3 weeks before selling it for It is a fun little toy robot, but I didn't think it was worth what I paid. None of the more complicated features worked very well and i'm convinced that r2's "stubborn personality" is just a cover for his weak ability to understand voice commands.

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades

I would reccommend it for around 40 or 50 total, but any more than that and I would suggest steering clear. I got mine for 20 bucks believe it or not at toys r us year years before eposode 1 came out of star wars. When the movies came out, it rose back up again. Im a lucky feller. R2D2 interactive toy is a really fun robot. Billboard: You're very lucky. It was definately worth it I thought - I love it. An R2 would be great, especially if you mod it like I've seen on youtube, replacing lights and so on, enhancing it.

Speaking of I am the first and only one so far to mod extra drivers and lights in there r2d2. I have added a rear PSI light, Status indicator lights and frond indicator lights.

It's my videos you see on youtube by the way. My next step is to add more voice interface boards so he can still talk back in "follow me" mode, among other things. I am also adding a 3m pico projector with VGA inputs.

Before you continue...

And his 'scanner' that comes out of the top of his head will have LEDs and a ruby glass 'window'. Glad to see you in both here and over there. Thanks for the welcome TikaC! Yeah I am all over the place when it comes to these kind of tech hobbies. But I can see you are as well TikaC.

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades

I go by "Fuzzie Dice" there and also I'm their Podcaster. Those and my real name and initial like I use here are the IDs I usually use around the 'net.

The Voice-Activated R2-D2 Robot

I get into the programming, robotics and also graphics and scrapbooking stuff. And cars. Fuzzie Dice! Yeah man, I know you on KRO. Fancy seeing you here. We must have been related in a former life. Yeah I am all about some A. I'm really wanting to get my hand on the Ultimate Wall-E. I want to see how he compares to my Interactive R2D2.

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades

I have robot fever as of late I am installing the computer and everything in about 2 weeks. For now he is just sitting on the shelf waiting to be put in the car. Hows your Suse? Either we were related in a former life as you said or were twins at one time.

I have been into AI for a long time too.

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I wish I could do that with my car! In fact, it's on my "someday" list. The other laptop is KARR. Hey, they should make a robot KARR for sale!

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades

Wouldn't that be awesome?! I could imagine a miniture of that thing say, the size of RoboSapien wandering around my apartment. Some bot hackers here should design one As for Suse, she's doing good. Though the "Theft" light started blinking rapidly again and I almost couldn't get it to stop. Started up fine though.

Interactive R2D2 – the Star Wars Astromech Droid

Last two times that happened I lost the battery the first time, then the alternator the second. I'm like "NOW what is wrong? Though I haven't had her started up in almost a week so maybe she forgot me?

I dunno. I'm keeping my eye on that one. But otherwise she's doing great. She handles the snow and ice really well too. Though now it's all melting off as it's nearly 60 degrees out right now at almost 10pm! In December! I have seen them for sale here and there online and it's yet-another-bot-on-my-wish-list. I was just curious.

Nikko Star Wars R2-D2 Wireless webcam with Skype

I know there's been some impressive costumes, but I'd like to see a real live bot with AI and all that! The interactive R2 is about 15 to 16 inches tall. And if your into A. He is worth 3 times as much as he is going for in the stores. Get him! I am a star trek guy myself, kinda into star wars but trust me you will be playing with R2 all the time. She then gave him voice commands to go outside and hand it to me.

R2 helps me out with KITT. He stopped, let me grab the tools, chatted with me for a sec, while looking at me, then turned his head. Right after that r2 saw one of my cats and tried to 'follow it' out the driveway.

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All on his own accord. R2 has Artificial Life instead of Artificial Intelligence.

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There is a difference. My Pleo is AI. My R2 is A. Creature Labs Ltd.

Real life R2D2 robot

I have had him for like a year or 2 and he is still on everyday. But that is because of my light mods. I wish I had the money but won't for a long time because I'm trying to recover from getting Suse's alternator replaced and also pay down my credit card.

But I've bookmarked your page so that I can remind myself to put him on my wish list. Also bookmarked the amazon. Sounds so incredible! I have SO much to learn about that bot!

Nikko R2-D2 DVD projector

I have to get me a Cylon yet though! None light up though. But cool! I also have KIFT.

R2d2 voice activated robot manualidades