Protein Sparing Modified Fast Pdf For Ipad

Protein sparing modified fast pdf for ipad

The Protein Sparing Modified Fast PSMF diet is regarded by many to be the most effective way to lose body fat while preserving muscle and avoiding rebound binging due to cravings. This article covers all you need to know to tailor a nutrient-dense PSMF to lose fat quickly while preventing loss of muscle and rebound binging due to cravings. First developed in the s, variations of the PSMF have been successfully used in a range of settings, from weight loss clinics to the bodybuilding community.

A protein-sparing modified fast is broadly be defined as a diet that contains adequate protein to preserve lean muscle mass while limiting energy from both carbohydrate and fat.

Conversely, we tend to consume fewer calories when less of our energy comes from fat and carbohydrates.

The Beginner’s Guide To A Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)

The focus needs to be on pushing the percentage of energy from protein higher. People lose body fat fairly consistently when they focus on nutrient-dense high satiety foods and meals with adequate protein see Nutrient Optimiser Challenge Results. More importantly, lean body mass can actually increase, particularly if your baseline protein intake is low.

A focus on protein increases satiety while preserving muscle mass which is critical to your maintaining metabolic health. The reduced energy from fat and carbs allows your body fat to be used. In the absence of energy from carbs and fat, your body is forced to use body fat for fuel. You will start to crave energy-dense fat and carb foods.

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While protein intake is high in terms of the percentage of calories from the diet, the protein-sparing modified fast could be seen as endogenously ketogenic due to the high contribution of body fat to your energy expenditure which may cause ketones to be elevated. Blood ketones tend to rise initially as weight loss commences then decreased as fat loss continues and our bodies adapt to using fat see Blood glucose, ketone and insulin changes after six weeks with Nutrient Optimiser.

Even the participants in the Virta study found their ketones decreased back to baseline levels after the first few weeks. This article outlines the fundamental principles of the PSMF diet that can be applied to weight loss or maintenance over the long-term. To learn more about the PSMF diet and how it works, read on. In the medical version of the PSMF diet, patients obtain the majority of their energy from protein while keeping energy from both carbohydrates and fat low.

The Cleveland Clinic has carried out extensive research into the use of adequate protein low-calorie diets for aggressive weight loss and found that: [2] [3] [4].

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These benefits include significant weight loss, often more than 18 kg, within 6 months. In addition, significant improvements in fasting glucose and haemoglobin A1c levels are linked to the caloric and carbohydrate restriction of the PSMF diet. Insulin resistance was also attenuated, with the possible partial restoration of pancreatic beta-cell capacity. As shown in the chart below from a review paper by Stuart Phillips , lean muscle mass is best preserved when we have at least 2.

However, a lower protein intake of 1. The body fiercely defends the loss of muscle mass by increasing appetite after periods of fasting or low protein consumption to ensure that muscle mass is retained.

Protein sparing modified fast pdf for ipad

If we eat foods with a lower percentage of energy from protein, we tend to consume more energy. The chart below from the article Optimising macros for fat loss with less hunger shows that diets with a higher percentage of their energy from protein tend to increase satiety and lead to less energy intake while dietary approaches with less protein tend to increase spontaneous energy intake.

Protein sparing modified fast pdf for ipad

While there is a need for vitamins and minerals that are often packaged with carbohydrate-containing foods e. While it takes more effort for the body to convert protein to ATP for use as energy, we can get the glucose we need for our brain function from protein via gluconeogenesis. Most of us have plenty of body fat stores to draw on and hence do not have a significant need for dietary fat other than the essential Omega 3 fatty acids.

Your gall bladder only needs around 10 g per day of fat to function. While not easy, limiting dietary fat while also limiting carbohydrates allows the fat from your body to be used for energy and maximises satiety on a calorie for calorie basis.

Another advantage of consuming a higher protein diet is increased thermogenesis i.


Humans are programmed to overeat foods with fat and carbs with minimal protein that are available in autumn to ensure that they survive the coming winter. In our modern food environment though, winter never comes.

A PSMF basically reverses this by prioritising foods that are the least efficient that switch off your appetite. So perhaps the best approach would be to simply focus on maximising the protein in your diet.

How One Mom Lost Half Her Weight On a Fat-Melting Diet Normally Used by Body Builders

But this is not necessarily ideal because nutrient density becomes even more critical when calories are limited. The chart below shows the micronutrient fingerprint of the highest protein foods in the USDA database. While you would get heaps of amino acids and B vitamins shown at the bottom of the chart , you might struggle to get enough of some other nutrients like folate, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K1 and magnesium.

Ensuring you are getting adequate micronutrients is a crucial component to long-term success in weight loss and maintenance. It was essentially a PSMF centred around liquid nutrition which led to the death of a number of devotees due to some fatal flaws. Conversely, a PSMF based around whole foods which provide high-quality proteins as well as vitamins and minerals and with adequate mineral supplementation can actually be one of the most nutrient-dense dietary approaches.

To overcome these potential shortcomings of a PSMF diet we have developed a high satiety nutrient-dense food list that you can download for free here. Nutrient density becomes more critical when we are trying to eat less.

If we are getting the range of micronutrients we need, the body is more likely to keep on feasting on our fat stores without thinking there is a famine. Similar to the protein leverage hypothesis , it seems if we provide the body with low nutrient density food it is driven to consume more energy to ensure that it gets the nutrients it needs. Insidious changes accumulate as a consequence of restriction, which increases the risk of diseases of ageing.

PSMF Diet – (PSMF) Protein Sparing Modified Fast

So, while you might do OK with poor nutrition for a limited period, you will probably do better if we obtain an adequate amount of all the essential nutrients.

Nutrient Optimiser can help you identify foods and contain the nutrients that you need more of. Prioritising amino acids is usually unnecessary because maximising vitamins and minerals generally leads to more than adequate protein. Rather than just targeting the highest protein foods, a more optimal approach is to target the most satiating foods that also maximise your intake of the harder to find nutrients.

Protein sparing modified fast pdf for ipad

The chart below shows the nutrient profile for these foods. While they contain heaps of non-starchy veggies to fill you up, they also provide plenty of protein to preserve your lean muscle. Recent research suggests that in the fasted state we can use a massive 3. Practically though, it can be hard to consume your minimum protein allocation in one sitting.

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Eating two meals a day seems to be ideal to help you maintain a consistent deficit while maximising satiety and minimising your opportunities to continue to eat. A PSMF is not a zero-calorie fast. You need some protein and some essential fats and adequate vitamins and minerals from your diet while minimising energy intake as much as you can sustainably achieve.

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People with more fat to lose will be able to maintain a more significant deficit for longer without losing. However, for most of us who have plenty of body fat to burn, this is not going to be an issue! One of the biggest challenges with a PSMF is to choose foods and meals with more protein and micronutrients while limiting energy from fat and carbs.

To help you achieve a sustainable and successful PSMF we have developed the following resources:. Our Fat Loss Recipe Book provides 33 nutrient-dense recipes with a secret index to recipes that have been optimised to support your sustainable nutrient-dense PSMF.

What are your thoughts on gluconeogenesis in the whole mix? When your body is in a nutritional ketosis state your body naturally goes into a muscle sparring mode.

It seems redundant to overload your body with protein. You loose muscle because you are not using them. Marty, are the nutrients inside the box with red dashed lines the ones that are to be focused on for each of the different diets? Thank you! I need to write a post to flesh that out more. There are always nutrients that are harder to find, but they are different for different approaches. If we focus on foods that contain more of the harder to find nutrients we typically get more than enough of the other ones.

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I hope that helps. Hi Marty, I appreciate you are a busy man..

PSMF - Protein Sparing Modified Fast

While these vegetables have a very high nutrient density score ND in terms of nutrients per calorie, they also have a low energy density which means you need to eat a lot of them to get the nutrients you need. Sorry if it is just me being confused……. A very low calories diet high in proteins is indicated here to lose weight.

Recently I was following the calories a day intake fats and proteins by Jack McAnespy where there was no weight gain. Any thoughts? It seems that some people can increase their metabolism and activity for a period of time to burn off excess energy to defend a body weight set point.

Protein sparing modified fast pdf for ipad

Many people will find their blood sugars stabilise and they find a natural level of satiety when they stop eating processed carbs and switch to a whole foods low carb diet. Lots of people will lose some weight. This video with Luis and Allesandro is worth a watch.

This article is awesome!

Protein sparing modified fast pdf for ipad

This article set me straight on a lot things. What other PSMF references are people using? Are there some books and podcasts I should be looking for?

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Well written nutrition article, with an occasional muscly arm photo. Great article. I found another great resource to be psmfdietlab. A protein sparing modified fast, an extreme version of this, provides adequate protein while limiting both fat and […].

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