Proclaim His Holy Name Bible Pdf

Proclaim his holy name bible pdf

Paperback: 9. Within its pages you will see key verses highlighted with a colored background.

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This highlighting is intended to assist the reader in quickly identifying important verses related to the Father's name. Only Believe Publishing.

Welcome to the Proclaim His Holy Name Ministries with Peter Miller-Russo

Featured Book:. King James Version.

In the Gospel of John the Messiah told us that he only did what the Father told him to do. The Messiah's Hebrew name Yehoshua is restored!

Proclaim his holy name bible pdf

Words of the Father and Son are highlighted in red. Includes 23 full color maps depicting various locales and activities associated with the books of the Bible.

However, there are some changes that have been made as noted here: 1.

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These words are not found in the original Hebrew text but were rather added by the King James translators. The Messiah's name has been restored Jesus' Hebrew name has been restored as Yehoshua.

While some refer to Jesus as Yeshua, Yahshua, and other such versions we believe his proper name to be Yehoshua.

Proclaim his holy name bible pdf

Therefore the upper case word 'Lord' used to refer to the Creator has been changed to the Hebrew word Adonai as found in the original scriptures. In other cases it has been changed to King, Master, or Adoni depending on context. Other words replaced for 'Lord' in this edition are Adoni, Ruler, Adonai, and Elohim as context dictates. The lower case word 'lord' has been changed to master Due to the same issues with the suspect origins of the word 'Lord' the lower case 'lord' has been removed from this edition.

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It has predominately been changed to master. Other changes for 'lord' may be husband, ruler, and noble as context dictates.

The Hebrew word Elohim is found throughout the original Hebrew scriptures. Front Cover.

Proclaim his holy name bible pdf

Back Cover. PDF Exerpt. About the Editors Peter and Linda Miller-Russo are non-denominational Christian believers who, after a ten-year journey into the Word, were led by the Holy Spirit to teach believers to proclaim the Creator's name as revealed in the scriptures.