Plot Bounding Box Matlab Tutorial Pdf

Plot bounding box matlab tutorial pdf

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Plot bounding box matlab tutorial pdf

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Viewed 4k times. Is there a simple way to get a tight bounding box around the PDF? Muster H. Muster 9, 1 1 gold badge 29 29 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges.


This modifies the aspect ratio and produces a PDF that still has a smaller border. Maybe there's a way to read out the dimensions of the bounding box? Anyways, 'PaperPosition' sure is interesting.

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Nico: I updated my answer to account for the aspect ratio and smaller borders. Muster Aug 28 '12 at Position are [x,y] location on the screen, nothing to do with the size.

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MATLAB regionprops bounding box - centroid - MATLAB Image Processing - Lecture#06

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Plot bounding box matlab tutorial pdf

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Plot bounding box matlab tutorial pdf

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