Pel Pro Pp130 Manual Transmission

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

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Search Advanced…. Thread starter theRog05 Start date Jan 27, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Aug 15, 36 Rochester, NY. Morning everyone, I thought I would post a few of my thoughts today about my stove. The only issue was that the control knob was defective, so I called PelPro and they sent me one right away.

After I installed the knew control knob, the stove has been running great. I expected to supplement my oil heat with the pellet stove, but actually the oil furnace hasn't kicked on once since I started burning pellets!

I have about a sq. Some of the rooms further away from the stove are a little chillier, but that's not an issue. Back when I was running just oil heat, my room with the thermostat was always set to 62 degrees. Which means the further rooms were about 56 degrees.

With the pellet stove, the room with the thermostat is 76 degrees and the further rooms are 68ish. With the cost of oil versus the cost of pellets, we will have already paid off the stove this year!

My only problem is finding fuel. Since I bought the stove just before the winter season, its hard to find pellets that are in stock. And when I do find them, they are either expensive or not so great of pellets. At its hottest, my thermostat got to The heat output is really hot.

The burn rate is decent but I have to clean the ash out every day. The burn pot has somewhat of a hard ash, but nothing that I couldn't break up easily.

As for the Green Supreme, the only reason I have burned more bags is because that was the only fuel I could find at the time. Although that is close to the 94 from the Natures Own, the heat is only medium. I can keep my hand right in front of the blower burning the Green Supreme, but with the Natures Own, I can only hold my hand by the blower for a short time. The burn rate seems a little faster than the Natures Own, but then again I only had 25 bags of the Natures Own and the outside temperature wasn't as cold as it is now.

PelPro Pellet Stove PP130 - 50000 BTU

The Green Supreme creates lots of ash! I clean my burn pot and ash chambers every day, more so than the Natures Own. I should also mention that the Green Supreme tends to blacken the glass easier than the Natures Own, but that's probably because they don't burn as hot. This really isn't an issue since I clean my glass every day as well.

Anyways, that was my quick wrap up of my first couple months as a pellet stove owner. If any of you have suggestions on pellets to look for in the Rochester, NY area, please feel free to comment.

I plan on purchasing a few tons in the spring when the prices are lower. It would be nice if I can find a pellet that creates less ash. I have 3 bags left of the Green Supreme, so later today I will be picking up 10 bags of Barefoot since there is a limit on how much each customer can buy.

According to reviews, it seems like barefoot might be a small step up from Green Supreme. Time will tell.

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

Have a great day everyone. And keep warm! Last edited: Jan 27, Reactions: chken.

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

Oct 9, Deleware. Glad it's working out so well for you. Just curious do you fill the hopper with bags or just a few at a time? Are there any shortcuts if you have a feeding or auger problem with a full hopper? Oct 12, North Rose, NY. A clean, empty shop vac.

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

Reactions: pageyjim. Well that's embarrassing. I did so much research trying to decide between the two I forgot which one I went with. The PP can hold 3 bags. Sometimes I load it up and sometimes I just throw one bag in depends on if I feel ambitious to take a second trip to the garage. At first, I thought the auger was jamming up because pellets weren't flowing how they should.

But then I found out it wasn't the auger, it was the control knob I needed to replace. Since I replaced the control knob, I have not had any issues with jamming at all. The PP has the ability to add an extended hopper but I don't think it's necessary.

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

I made it a habit to check the hopper a few times a day so if it's low I just fill it up. But like Johnny said, I'm sure a clean shop vac would do the job. When I had to empty mine because I thought it was jammed, I used a dog food scoop and a clean garbage bin time consuming, but I didn't have a clean shop vac.

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It's just always nice to see someone happy and warm with their investment! I find it hard to get good pellets also.

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

They get some decent pellets in but are usually bought up pretty fast. I'll just have to wait till spring and try to buy a few tons at a good price. I get to Rochester about once a week, who has the Barefoot pellets? Sorry I haven't got back to you til now.

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Haven't been on the site in a while. There is a place called Higbys. They had the Barefoot pellets.

Pel pro pp130 manual transmission

They started limiting to 5 bags a person when I picked them up. The next day they didn't have any more. Not sure if they still have any or not. I would really like to get some good pellets for next year. I have to clean my stove every days because there is so much ash.

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I have read on here that a lot of people can go a week before cleaning. Does anyone know why this might be? Is it because I burn on low during the day when I'm at work? Possibly my particular stove? So far, the Natures Own are still my favorite. Some of the big box stores have the North American pellets right now. I've heard good an bad things about them.

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Might at least pick up 20 bags since I'm almost out now. Mysticenchantment Member. Nov 16, 59 Avon, NY. I always liked Dry Creek pellets and last season I was getting them 10 bags at a time from Higby's until they ran out. This year I was able to get a ton of Lignetics from the local place.

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They burn alright but are really ashy, but even with the ash I only clean the thing once a week. Morg's in Pavilion has tons available, but maybe not for long. That's good to know! Looks like Morg's is only 25 minutes from me. I just bought 20 bags of North American Pellets from Lowe's. So I'll give Morg's a call next week and see if I can grab a ton.