Pdfs On Kindle Reader Download

Pdfs on kindle reader download

Pdfs on kindle reader download

Jun 30, 15, 4, 1, Male On another persons phone illegally. If the Kindle was preinstalled, it should be under "all".

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May 15, 49 0 The problem is I don't see the Kindle app in the settings section? I even tried Default App Manager Lite.

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Harry2 Extreme Android User. Jun 3, 5, 1, Black Forest. Sorry, but I've to ask, did you look for ' Amazon Kindle'? Feb 14, 45 43 Los Angeles.

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George Grasmann Lurker. Apr 18, 3 0 That is NOT the answer.

Bit confused. Does Kindle Paperwhite support PDF files or not?

I have been trying to stop Amazon Kindle from opening my PDF documents for months and there seems to be no way. There are no permissions granted. My Kindle library is hard enough to manage without it also taking over my PDF documents. Please provide a useful solution to this problem. Thank you.

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Hadron Smoke me a kipper So can you tell us a bit more about your device or setup? Clear defaults. So it's not that the 5 year old solution above is incorrect, but that your problem seems to have a different pathology, and hence probably a different cause.

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So that's what we need to work out, why your Kindle app is automatically opening PDFs without the default being set. How do you open the PDFs? What other PDF-readers do you have installed?

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What happens if you install a new one or uninstall and reinstall an old one? I ask these questions because of the way Android handles "intents". With no default set it should give a list of all apps capable of handling an intent i. If it doesn't, might it be that the app you are using to open the PDF is itself choosing to open it using Kindle, rather than go through the OS? Alternatively, adding a new app which can also handle the intent should prompt the system to ask again next time you try to open a PDF, even if a default is set.

I used to have a PDF reader on my old phone.

Pdfs on kindle reader download

Last November I got an Aristo with Android 7. When I went to open up a PDF file, I was offered the option to use Kindle, since that was all that I had at the time and it was time-critical information so I just used Kindle. But I don't like it for a number of reasons but mostly, It is slow.

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The only option of any consequence here is " Open by Default " which says " No defaults set. I click on it and there is a " Clear Defaults " button which is faded out and unclickable.

Pdfs on kindle reader download

If I start the other app and open a PDF file, it's fine. But if I just click on the PDF file, Kindle starts up -- takes forever -- and opens, categorizes, and massages the file uselessly.

I have no other apps installed at this time to open the PDF file.

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I have uninstalled Kindle, and get the "no app to open this file" even though I have installed a file manager that could handle it previously If I reinstall a new app, it's fine. I hope this is enough info. I have tried the Kindle forums and get no response from the community.

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I call Amazon on the phone and get transferred and put on hold until my phone rings and I take another call and then amazon hangs up. Did I just lose my long, detailed reply? If you mean post 9 no, it's still there.

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I've not replied as I don't have any real ideas. Apart from trying a different file manager, as a long shot. I can't reproduce this, which makes investigation hard. LD Android Forums Lurker.

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Pdfs on kindle reader download

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