Page Slider Using Javascript In Pdf

Page slider using javascript in pdf

Page slider using javascript in pdf

I'm creating 3D Pdfs with generated animations via JavaScript. One of my goals is to control the animations with a slider.

JavaScript Image Slider With HTML CSS | jQuery Automatic Slide

So far I wasn't able to create a satisfying solution. I tried to use a field button as slider button and change its location on a mouse down event.

Quick Code - Javascript Slider

A function for setting the new position is called by an interval. The interval should be running as long as the mouse is pressed.

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As far as I can tell due to the event handling of Acrobat, the function for position change is only called once and all ongoing operations are stopped while keeping the mouse button down. I'm not sure if I'm on the right track with using a field button to create a slider. Maybe there is an easier and more elegant way.

Javascript Page Slider Roundup

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How can I create a slider? Registered: Aug 17 Posts: Does anybody have an idea how I could create a slider? Posts: 1. Registered: Feb 15 As a matter of fact, starting with Acrobat 9 there is a way to create sliders and other alternate and advanced controls for a PDF by using the Rich Media or Flash Annotation.

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Here's an article on creating buttons, which provides the basics for doing this. The flash sliders in my example can be copied and pasted into your own PDFs. Joel Geraci's Blog also has lots of good info about this topic. There are several bugs and short comings in the Rich Media Annot implimentation.


If you are going to put a flash annot on a PDF it has to be the only interactive element on the page. It can't be used with any other form fields. Maybe one day Adobe will fix the problems, but for now I'd suggest forgetting the idea. Hi, Thanks for the quick response.

How can I create a slider?

I added a slider via swf and so far everything is working - although I have other interactive elements. I'm concerned about the bugs you mentioned.

Page slider using javascript in pdf

What kind of errors could occur? Registered: Aug 26 In IE6, the second link is light grey and the first link is black like all of the rest of the text.

JavaScript Image Slider Source Code

Both links are made the same and I couldn't figure out why they were showing up as different colors. I've created several different forms using Flash annotations as extra controls, like the sliders.

In some cases the regular PDF fields are redrawn correctly and in some cases they are not. Sometimes, when the Flash Annotation is given the keyboard focus the regular PDF fields will disappear and will not be redrawn until something forces a redraw.

Such as clicking on a field, or changing the view.

Page slider using javascript in pdf

I do not know what the difference is between forms that work and forms that don't. But I am pretty sure that it's some little quirk burried deep in the Acrobat code that's the problem. Probably related to bad programming practices.

Page slider using javascript in pdf

But I haven't published because of the unreliability of it all. There were quite some problems that I had to deal with, especially with the richmedia array.

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That also includes my 3D annot. One out of 10 times Acrobat isn't able to set the rect for my 3D annot. So far I wasn't able to figure out what causes the problem exactly. With the release of the ComObjects I was able to reduce the occurrence of the error. Due to my requirements I can live with the errors in my VB application. But I wouldn't recommend interacting with richmedia via IAC if the application is used regularly and by less experienced users.