Nortel Model M7310 User Manual

Nortel model m7310 user manual

Nortel model m7310 user manual

They will not function as a stand-alone telephone. Nortel M Phone allows up to 6 lines, and has 10 programmable buttons. The Norstar M has a 12 dual function auto dial buttons located at the top right of the phone.

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The Norstar M phone has a two line LCD screen which displays information such as the date and if there is a voice mail message. The Nortel M also has a volume control button located on the bottom of the phone.

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The Nortel M phone can handle one incoming line up to 8 incoming lines. This allowes the user to see if a specific extension is in use and they can transfer direct to voicemail.

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The Nortel M has many features like handsfree mute, Intercom, speed dial, last number redial, and more. The buttons on the Nortel M phones pop on and off and can be changed due to user preference. The buttons on the M need to be programmed to do what the button cover says.

The Nortel M has 12 buttons on the top of the phone which allow the user to do inter office speedial or they can be programed for out of office speed dial.

Nortel model m7310 user manual

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Norstar M7310 Telephone User Manual

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Nortel model m7310 user manual

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Nortel M Phone Nortel Meridian Feature Plastic Overlay. Nortel M BLF.

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Nortel model m7310 user manual

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