Medical Tourism Facilitator Pdf Creator

Medical tourism facilitator pdf creator

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Medical tourism agencies and facilitators are an important part of the medical tourism industry, helping patients to engage in medical tourism. IMTJ maintains a comprehensive directory of medical travel agencies and facilitators. You can search the IMTJ Medical Travel Directory by the country where the agency is located, the country where treatment is offered by healthcare sector and by key word.

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Medical tourism facilitator pdf creator

Clear Search. Beauty in Prague, Czech Republic Beauty in Prague is a well-established medical travel agency offering high quality, affordable cosmetic surgery packages with extensive personalised post-operative aftercare.

Medical tourism facilitator pdf creator

The newly established organisation is committed to providing international patients access to high quality and affordable care in Penang. Patients seeking treatment in Penang has increased in the recent years, due to the highly developed equipment, prompt diagnosis and affordable medical costs.

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The Indonesian based medical travel agency goes above and beyond on assisting with various administrative arrangements such as, booking accommodation, arranging airport pick-ups and providing an estimate of treatment costs; making it easier for patients to seek treatment at accredited hospitals.

Each hospital in Penang also offer a medical check-up package, assuring first class care is achieved from every aspect of the patient's medical journey.

Medical tourism facilitator pdf creator

Now successfully collaborating with five of the leading hospitals in Penang, Malaysia, they provide exceptional treatment and specialise in a wide range of areas such as cardiology, vascular surgery, orthopaedic, ophthalmology, fertility and neurology.

They offer a range of surgery and hospital treatments such as obesity care, orthopaedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dental tr. Dr Poland, Poland Dr Poland works with leading clinics and hospitals across Poland to provide international patients with access to high quality, affordable plastic surgery and dentistry.

Working with leading doctors and hospitals, and with its own state-of-the-art dental centre, their experienced team take care of all aspects of a trip to Turkey for treatment. All-inclusive packages that include flights, transfers and accommodation mean that patients can enjoy a relaxing holiday at the same time as receiving specialist treatment at a price that suits.

Medical tourism facilitator pdf creator

France Medical Access , France France Medical Access are a Toulouse-based medical travel agency specialising in helping international patients to access medical and surgical treatment in the French healthcare system. International Patient Center, Holland International Patient Center IPC is a leading medical travel company that aids patients and referring physicians seeking medical treatment in the Netherlands.

Klinikum Medical Link, Germany Klinikum Medical Link is a network of international surgeons and doctors who offer outstanding quality health care in all of their private and public hospitals across Europe.

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Medical Nexus, Mexico Located in the beautiful Mexican city of Saltillo, Medical Nexus provides high quality, affordable health services in close proximity to the border with the United States. Dedicated to patient comfort and safety, the agency organises all aspects of a trip to Mexico for treatment, from finding the right expert and medical coordination, through booking travel arrangements and accommodation to arranging tourist activities and post-treatment care.

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