Mccutcheons Emulsifiers And Detergents Pdf Reader

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

Question 1.

New Simplified Chemistry Class 6 ICSE Solutions – Introduction to Chemistry

State what is Science and give the basic bifurcation of Science with reasons. Answer: Science is the subject which includes the study of various experiments performed by a scientist with all observations recorded and inferences concluded.

Bifurcation : Science is bifurcated into three main branches— Physics, Chemistry and Biology which make study of each branch simple and more focussed. Question 2. Give the basic difference between Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Answer: a Inorganic chemistry includes study of innumerable elements and compounds b Organic chemistry includes study of specific carbon compounds built up mainly of carbon and hydrogen.

Question 3. State the functions of the following basic glass apparatus. It is made of pyrex. Since the flask is round bottomed, heat is uniformly distributed throughout on heating. Question 4.

State why a round bottom flask is preferred to a flat bottom flask — during preparation of gases in the laboratory. Answer: Round bottom flask is preferred to flat bottom flask because in round bottom flask heat is uniformly distributed throughout on heating.

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Question 5. State the function of —. It also prevents glass apparatus from cracking. Question 6. State the method used for collecting the following gases —. In this method, the gas jar is filled with water and inverted over the beehive shelf, so that the water is displaced downwards and oxygen is collected upwards. This method is used for gases like ammonia which is soluble in water and lighter than air.

This method is used for gases like SO 2 which is soluble in water and heavier than air. Question 7. Explain in brief the importance of Chemistry in agriculture and production of various products. Answer: Importance of Chemistry : In agriculture end products and as follow : 1.


Example :. Liquid fertilizers comprise — aqueous solutions of amnionia or ammonium nitrate. Pesticides may come in contact with other living organisms and disrupt the balance of the eco-system. Question 8. Discuss the statement in brief. Answer: Alchemy and alchemists are older words for Chemistry and chemists where — alchemists transformed or created substances through a seemingly — magical process.

An alchemists Nicolas flamel claimed to transform metals into gold. Question 9. The scientific process involving modern chemistry started poving paths and chemistry regains its rightful position. Question State the contributions of. Differentiate between the terms — food preservatives and food processing with appropriate examples. Answer: Food preservatives — are substances or chemicals — added to food or beverages to.

Name a few main ingredients in cosmetics the role they play. Answer: Cosmetics are mixtures of chemical compounds from natural sources or from synthetic sources.

Cosmetics — enhance or alter the appearance or fragrance of an individual. Some sources of compounds used in cosmetics include — modified natural oils and fats, processed minerals e.

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State what is — Terylene. State some of its characteristic properties which make it suitable for commercial use.

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Answer: Natural fibres — such as cotton and wool which were directly converted into clothing material. Synthetic fibres — such as terylene, nylon and rayon are used in expensive clothing ; carpets etc. Terylene — It is a synthetic polyester fibre or fabric formed generally, by — addition of polyester to natural fibre — cotton.

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The combination makes the fabric, easy to clean and crease resistant. Explain how medicines are a boon to mankind. Answer: Medicines are natural or synthetic substances which when taken in a living body, affects its functioning, and treats or prevents a disease.

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

Aspirin Positive effect :. Give a comparitive difference between — soaps and detergents. Give a reason why detergents have an advantage over soap. Whereas Detergents are synthetic water soluble cleaning agents that unlike soap which are prepared from vegetable oils or fats are prepared from petroleum products along with sodium or potassium hydroxide.

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

Detergents have an advantage over ordinary soap. Answer: Stain removals It is the process of removing a mark or a stain left by one substance on a specific surface fabric.

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

Most stains are removed by dissolving with a solvent. Examples of stain removers. Objective Type Questions. The branch of Science which deals with the different forms of energy e.

Food Emulsifiers and Their Applications

The branch of Chemistry which includes study of specific carbon compounds — built up of mainly carbon and hydrogen. The scientist who formulated the Periodic Table.

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A synthetic fibre used in clothing. A water soluble cleaning agent — not inactivated by hard water. A substance which absorbs moisture and keeps the skin dry and free from rashes.

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A chemical used as a preservative for jams, pickles etc. Match the apparatus A to J shown below with their correct names 1 to 10 given below : Answer:. Select the correct apparatus from A, B or C for each of the functions of the apparatus given.

For gas preparations where heating is required. For holding washed test tubes.

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

A glass apparatus resistant to chemicals, made of pyrex and used for heating specific liquids. A metallic apparatus which supports the wire gauze.

A long glass apparatus closed at one end used for collecting gases. A glass apparatus which measures liquid by sucking the liquid at one end upto the marked level and later pouring it out. A long glass tube with a broad inlet at the top, which allows entry of the reactants into the round bottom flask, during laboratory preparations of gases.

A clay vessel kept in a trough of water during collection of a gas by downward displacement of water. A modern apparatus with an air regulator, used for heating purposes. A rectangular mesh with an asbestos at its centre, kept for initiating even distribution of heat to the bottom of the apparatus.

Alchemy was considered a pseudoscience. Answer: Towards the end of the 17th Century the scientific processes involving modem Chemistry started paving paths and Alchemy today is considered a pseudoscience and Chemistry regains its rightful position as a serious scientific field.

Preservatives are added to food or beverages.

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

Answer: Preservatives are added to food or beverages because of following reasons :. Titanium dioxide is an important ingredient in cosmetics.

Answer: It is a natural pigment powder which provides a base for mineral makeup. It provides mild sun protection and as a pigment gives a white colouration to coloured ingredients. Aspirin is one of the most widely used medication — globally.

Answer: Aspirin is one of the most widely used medication — globally because of following reasons :. Ordinary soap is wasted in hard water. Answer: Ordinary soap is wasted in hard water because hard water is one which does not lather with soap.

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It was not literally a stone, but a powder or potion. Food processing is an important procedure for obtaining marketable food products. Answer: Food processing — involves physical or phemical processes, to transform or change the raw ingredients in food into easy usable forms of food available in markets. Raw materials — in food to Marketable food products.

Mccutcheons emulsifiers and detergents pdf reader

Cosmetics may contain preservatives, as one of their ingredients. Answer: They extend the shelf life of a cosmetic and may prevent growth of microorganisms.

Mccutcheon's Emulsifiers Detergents

Polyester is added to natural fibre cotton, to give terylene. Answer: Polyester is added to natural fibre cotton, to give terylene because this combination makes the fabric easy to clean and crease resistant. All medicines must be taken under proper doctors supervision and in the correct dose.