Maxim India 2013 02 Feb Pdf To Jpg

Maxim india 2013 02 feb pdf to jpg

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Maxim india 2013 02 feb pdf to jpg

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No evidence uploader is the copyright holder. Jespinos talk , 21 February UTC. It appears to be a screenshot of a television programme. Stefan4 talk , 19 December UTC. Personal files of user without other useful contribution. Low quality penis photo.


Out of scope, only text contribution. Low resolution, missing EXIF. Unlikely to be own work. Out of scope, unused personal image. Please delete. Kept: not a reason to delete. Logo is in use. Jameslwoodward talk to me , 3 March UTC.

I've used the wrong filename here. Renaming doesn't work as I already had uploaded a new file of this. Lucasbosch talk , 21 February UTC. Unused personal picture, outside project scope. A possibly unfree file. An earlier uploaded copy of the same image File:Kuchipudi Venkat. Unused, no indication of what is illustrated. Outside project scope.

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Sorry, but painter Eliseu Visconti died only in , whereby his works should be copyrighted til end of Photo can be undeleted on January 1, I've listed all these images in Category:Undelete in and will delete them for now. Deleted: Deleted for now, as Visconti's works enter PD only at end of year ; with consent of uploader. Too blurry to illustrate anything. No evidence of permission. Hedwig in Washington Woof? Unused personal picture of user, outside project scope. Randykitty talk , 21 February UTC.

Personal picture, outside project scope. Kept: No reason for deletion given. Jameslwoodward talk to me , 2 January UTC. Previous nominator was the uploader.

Maxim india 2013 02 feb pdf to jpg

Unfortunately copyrighted until at least Ymblanter talk , 21 February UTC. The image primarily shows copyrighted architecture. Keep - it's a street square view and any copyrighted work is therefore de minimis here. The Slovenska 41 palace is probably copyrightable and may be the most prominent, but it's clearly not the main subject of the photo.

Deleted: Copyrighted building is the center of interest in the image.

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French cite is irrelevant, as it is only one decision and no other similar decision has come down in France or elsewhere. Deleted: Mystery diagram, not in use. Please do not blank images before the DR is closed, as it makes it harder to close the DR.

Deleted: It is an unused low quality image with superior alternatives. Kept: PD text logo. The individual scans are no longer needed or used apart from the original uploader's user space gallery ; s:Index:History of the Ten Lost Tribes and each Wikisource Page space article has been deleted; only the files here and the category remains.

Xensyria talk , 21 February UTC.

Maxim india 2013 02 feb pdf to jpg

It doesn't say where this photo was taken, but in many countries, you can only take a photo of a building if it is permanently installed in a public place, or if it is big enough for a human to be able to enter the building.

This doesn't seem to be the case here. Is that the uploader? Stefan4 talk , 21 February UTC. There is still no evidence of permission. I'm the owner of this image, when i tagged the commons 3.

So I then added PD Self. Do not delete this image please. Kskhh talk , 21 February UTC. According to the source, the soundtracks are licensed under a Creative Commons licence, but I can't find any similar statement about the cover. Jameslwoodward talk to me , 21 February UTC. Claimed to be a back cover of a music album. If that is indeed the case, then this is most likely a copyright violation. Substituted by File:Milano linea M3.

Substituted by File:Milano linea M1. Substituted by File:Milano linea M2. Substituted by File:Milano linea M5. A mural in the United Kingdom. I can't tell if it was painter legally or illegally. Album cover. The photo looks a bit old, so I cropped it out and searched for it on Google, but all I found were a lot of copies of this cover.

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Looks like a music cover or something. Collection of promo materials or Commons:Derivative works form them No evidence of permission s.

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Deleted: as above. Yann talk , 22 February UTC. We will keep this until the new image is uploaded on Commons.

Unlikely to be own work: small resolution, missing EXIF. Quite sure that this isn't CC.

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Atlan , 21 February UTC. Out of Commons:Project scope : unused trivial logo with questionable notability. Looks like collection of advertisement. Also out of Commons:Project scope. Image is a series of mugshots taken from West Midlands Police website.

Commons:Deletion requests/Archive/2013/02/21

Context of the image shows it is obviously taken inside a police station by a police officer. It's useless to have to have 2 similar pictures, I will upload after this only the good one.

Thank you.

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Greentrancer talk , 18 February UTC. Why is it so hard to delete a picture?

Maxim india 2013 02 feb pdf to jpg

It needs to pass 99 weeks to delete a stupid imagine. Greentrancer talk , 20 February UTC. Self penis photograph of substandard quality. There are tons of alterantives which are far more in scope than this image High Contrast talk , 21 February UTC. This file was initially tagged by Minerva97 as Copyvio Copyvio and the most recent rationale was: Probably violation of copyright. I agree it's likely, but it's an old image and it's in use on several projects so I think a discussion is merited as it's not unambiguous.