Max232 Pin Description Pdf Editor

Max232 pin description pdf editor

Max is designed by Maxim Integrated Products.

Max232 pin description pdf editor

This chip contains charge pumps which pumps the voltage to the Desired Level. It can be used as a hardware layer convertor for 2 systems to communicate simultaneously. Max is one of the versatile IC to use in most of the signal voltage level conversion problems.

Max232 pin description pdf editor

It can only be powered by 5 volts to make it power supply compatible with most of the embedded systems. First block is the voltage doubler in this ic switched capacitor techniques is used to make the voltage double.

+5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers

The third block consists of 2 transmitters and 2 receivers which actually convert the voltage levels. Max requires minimum 4 external capacitor. Their Value can range from 1uf to 10uf and16 volts or more rating.

Max232 pin description pdf editor

There are many different versions of this versatile ic available each of them Require different capacitor value for proper working.

Premierly MAX is used in Serial communication.

What is RS232?

In TTL logic 0 is defined is by 0 volt and 1 is defined by 5 volt so in this scenario this is a very handy IC to be incorporated. Desktop and some old Laptops have Serial port which comes in DB9 package.

Max232 pin description pdf editor

In Most of the Circuits designer is concerned about the Tx and Rx pins only so the function of the rest of the pins are not used here mostly. In the above circuit only one Driver is used and second driver can be used for other purpose. TTL data is available on pin 12 and pin 11 and these pins can be attached to Microcontroller or any system which accept TTL logic.

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MAX is used to solve this problem. Sir there is a question in my mind, if a circuit disgine for 9v dc and i want to operate it on v AC. What should i do. There is one way that i know is, step dowm transformer and rectifier. But if I dont have transformer, but resistors.

Max232 - The Level Shifter IC for PC Interfacing - Free Circuits

Kindly tell me resistor velue to step down…. Wow, I like your advancements in electrical technology.

MAX232 Datasheet (PDF) - Texas Instruments

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Application of RS232

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