Manuale Ericsson Dialog 4224 Operator

Manuale ericsson dialog 4224 operator

It is a state-of-the-art business communications system. Its alliance of features and facilities ef fectively improves communications for virtually any kind of organization.

T o take full ad Function can be removed or moved to other pr ogrammable function key by system administrator. Function can be r emoved or moved to other programmable function key by system administrator. On Access 1 Normally you will receive calls on the Access 1 line. Lift the handset On any other line key Lift the handset Press the flashing line key Handsfree Press the flashing line key Y ou are connected to the caller via the Note: The particular digit or digits used in your office, e.

Dial the e Press to terminate a handsfr ee call Note: Y ou can make your calls faster by using common abbreviated numbers and by using your own programmed abbreviated numbers.

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Any previously saved number is erased. T o save an external number: Redial Press befor e you finish the call Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator. Redial number Lift the handse During an ongoing conversation: Press to switch between loudspeaker and handset When the key lamp is lit, Press to end the call From handsfr ee to handset Lift the handset Conversation via the handset.

Mute Press to switch the micr ophone on or off When the lamp is lit, the person on the line cannot hear what is being said in your room.

Aastra Dialog 4224 Operator System Phone

Inquiry Press Note: Y ou can also press Access 2. Call the second party The first party is put on hold the Access 1 key lamp flashes slowly. When the other party answers you can switch between the calls refe Inquiry Press Call the second party T ransfer Press before or after answer The ongoing call is transferred.

Note: If you have put more than one call on hold, the last call that was put on hold will be transferred. If the dialled extension is busy or transfer is not allowed Calls put on hold can be resumed on your own telephone or another. Individual Press the ongoing call line key and r eplace the handset The key lamp flashes slowly.

Y ou have speech connection with an exter nal party on Access 1. Inquiry Press to put the call on hold Note: Y ou can also press Access 2.

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During diversion you will hear a special dial tone and the diversion lamp indicates that your triple access line is diverted. Y ou can s Y ou can also use the procedure below.

During follow-me you will hear a special dial tone and the diversion lamp indicates that your triple access line has follow-me. Y ou can still make calls as usual. Note: If your telephone is program Note: Internal follow-me must be ordered from your own extension before you can redirect from answering po A special dial tone will be heard. Depending on the functionality of your office exchange, you can have either one individual single search pr ofile or you can choose between five Call the DISA function at your office T elephone No Profile Search T ype of telephone or T elephone numb Answer Message Press Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator.

A call is initiated to the extension that requested m Then the caller can leave a message in your mailbox. When back in office you can enter your mailbox and listen to received messages.

Alteração do horário em Centrais PABX Ericsson Business Phone 250 / BP250 Aastra Telecom / Mitel.

If you have too many messages stored, you will first be asked to delete saved messages. Recorded instructions ask you to pr ess differ ent digits in order to listen to caller's messages, recor d your own greet If you are authorized, you can also enter absence information on another extension from your own extension.

Cancel for another extensi The common abbreviated numbers consist of digits and are stor ed in the exchange by the system administrator. Lift the handset and dial the common abbreviated number Individual abb Ann Smith, scroll down until you find the requested name. UP Press to scr Program Pr ess Press the selected function key and dial the telephone number or function code Press the function key again Program Pr ess to finish programming Assign th COST Press to display or hide the cost indication see display Note: The cost indication is automatically displayed for all charged calls, when the function is activated.


Timer Y ou can measure the In a Call Pick-up group, any member can answer any individual call to group members. Press T o re-enter the group 21 Press Note: U. The account code can have 1 to 15 digits. Note: Y o The function can be permanently active or activated by use of a function key programmed by system administrator.

Telephone Headsets

The exchange is equipped with four dif ferent night service modes: Common night service All incoming calls to the operator are transferr ed to one s Delayed hot line When the handset of the delayed hot-line telephone is lifted or when the line key is pressed, a timer is started. If no digit is pressed befor e time out, a call is automatically generated to a specific extension or external T o answer , make calls and use functions on the additional directory lines, use the same procedur e as for triple access lines if nothing else is state Y ou can invoke tracing during or after an ongoing conversation.

Manuale ericsson dialog 4224 operator

The external line can be held for a limited period of time. Headset with loudspeaking Press to toggle between headset with or without loudspeaking Headset to handsfree Pre The business call will be charged your office extension number or an account number.

Y ou will By use of the soft keys under the display you can browse the log, make calls to logged numbers and delete logged numbers. A function key must be programmed by the system administrator.

The key lamp is swi Depending on the type of paging system it is possible to send digit messages or voice messages to the paged person. Paging can also be initiated and answered during an ongoing call. Make an Inqui Replace the handset If expected, wait for the paged person to call back.

T o answer From the near est telephone within the system: Call the extension n Just before the pr edetermined speech time is ended, a warning tone will be heard. Replace the hand This function is automatically cancelled when the call is finished.

Manuale ericsson dialog 4224 operator

Outgoing ca The gr oup can be bypassed by you. Press Special dial tone.

Manuale ericsson dialog 4224 operator

Y ou can use the code for one call only or you can open the phone for some calls and lock it when leavi Y ou can also temporarily change any other used telephone within the exchange to the sa Note: Y ou c When you want to use the function, just press the key.

Certain functions must be pre-pr ogrammed by the system administrator. Program or change a f The differ ent signals can be programmed on access lines, additional lines and multiple repr esented lines.

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Program Pr ess Access 1 Press the corr esponding line key A digit is shown in the display. Note: If you use melodies to signal incoming calls, this will replace the tone character. Note: This function is only available in newer software versions of your telephone.

Manuale ericsson dialog 4224 operator

If the Mute key lamp is turned on when you press the key in idle state, your telephone supports this function. Press to supr ess the ringing sign If you can en Access 1 Press for internal calls or Access 2 Press for external calls or Inquiry Press for callback calls T o edit the curr ent melody: Move the cursor to the r Press to listen to the enter ed notes Press to erase the note to the left of the cursor Keep pressed to erase all the notes.

Manuale ericsson dialog 4224 operator

T one characteristics The tones shown in this section are the most used tones worldwide. Many markets use a differing tone for one or mor e situations.