Manual Telescopio Meade Etx 70

Manual telescopio meade etx 70

Quick-Start Guide T ake the ETX from its packaging and place it on a sturdy surface.

Remove the cover from the bat- tery compartment 20, Fig. With pushbutton controls, automatic tracking of celestial objects, and software down- loading capability , an ETX Computer Control P anel A.

Auxiliary A UX Port Some of the major features of Autostar The Autostar Computer Controller provides control of virtually every telescope function within a compact handbox.

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Autostar has soft-touch keys designed to have a positive feel. The backlit display , key arrangement, and sequential databas Scroll K eys - Accesses database options within a selected menu. The menu is displayed on the first line of the screen. Options within the menu are displayed, one at a time, on the second line.

Press the Scroll keys to move through the options. Press and hold a Scroll key to move quickly through the options. The Scroll keys also scroll through the P ar ts Listing Getting the telescope ready for first observations requires only a few minutes. The power , or magnification of a telescope is determined by the focal length of the telescope and the focal length of the eyepiece being used.

T o calculate eyepiece power , divide the tele- scope's focal length by the eyepiece's focal length. It is important to understand that menu selections are set in a loop Fig.

Telescope Manuals

This means that pressing the Scroll Down key 7, Fig. The Scroll Up key 6, Fig. Note that this cap T o Calculate Sunset time: 1.

Meade ETX 70 with AutoStar 497 Controller

Press the Sc Go T o Saturn After performing the Easy T wo-Star Alignment procedure, the motor drive begins operating and the telescope is aligned for a night of viewing. Objects in the eyepiece should maintain their position even though the Earth is rotating beneath the stars.

Object Menu Almost all observing with Autostar is performed using the Object menu category.

Manual telescopio meade etx 70

Many Autostar menu categories contain databases. An Aut Enter a name for the Landmark.

Manual telescopio meade etx 70

Locate and center the Landmark, the Lunar Eclipse lists upcoming Lunar Eclipses, including the date and type total, partial, penum- bral of eclipse. Use the Scroll Up and Down keys to display the available data. Minimum of Algol is the minimum brightness of the dramatic eclipsing binary star sys- tem, Algol.

Manual telescopio meade etx 70

It is relatively close at a distance of light years. Every 2. Brightness Adj : Adjusts the brightness of the display using the Scroll keys.

Contrast Adj: Adjusts the contrast of the display using the Scroll keys. NO TE: This feature is usually only required in very cold weather.

Manual telescopio meade etx 70

Landmark Survey automatically slews the telescope to all user-defined landm Viewing terrestrial objects requires looking along the Earth's surface through heat waves. These heat waves often cause degradation of image quality. Low power eyepieces, like the MA 25mm eyepiece, magnify these heat waves less t Autostar provides a database of bright stars and two stars from this database are chosen by the observer for alignment.

Manual telescopio meade etx 70

Most satellites are in low orbit, tra veling at appro ximately 17, mph. They mov e quickly across the sky and are visible only f or a fe w minutes, requiring A utostar to slew the telescope r apidly. Best viewing is near Sunrise or Sunset when the sky is still dark.

In this format vignetting occurs: the photographic image appears on film with a slight darkening vignetting at the corners of the 35mm frame Fig. Meade accessories greatly extend many important applications to the telescope, from low-power , wide-field terrestrial viewing to high-power lunar and planetary observing. The premium quality of these accessories is well-suited to the quality of the The Set includes light yellow , very light red, very light blue, and neutral density filters.

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Given the care and respect due any precision instrument, your telescope will rarely require factory servicing or maintenance. Maintenance guidelines include: 1. Electric, 9 speed, both axes Hemispheres of operation North and South, switchable Bearings: Altitude Acetal Azimut This section is included only for educational p Any point on the celes- tial equator itself which, for example, passes through the constellations Orion, Virgo, and Aquarius, is specified as havin Although Autostar's database contains more than objects stars, nebulae, planets, etc.

Autostar provides a feature that allows you to enter an object's R. A and Dec coordinates in the "User: Objects" option of Autostar's T rain the telescope motors using Autostar. Figure 30 depicts the complete Drive T raining procedure.

NO TE: Use a terrestrial object, such as a telephone pole or lamp post, to train the drive. Complete this e xercise once e very 3 to 6 months to mainta Enter Da What he saw , and what he realized about what he saw , forever changed the way mankind thought of the universe. Imagine what it must have be Planets Planets change positions in the sky as they orbit around the Sun. T o locate the planets on a given day or month, consult a monthly astronomy magazine, such as Sky and T elescope or Astronomy.

V enus is about nine-tenths the diameter of Earth.

ETX 60AT and 70AT Manual (Size: 1.4 MB)

As V enus or A Roadmap to the Stars The night sky is filled with wonder and intrigue. Y ou too, can enjoy exploring the universe simply by following a few pointers on a roadmap to the stars. First, find the Big Dipper which is part of the constellation Ursa Major.

The Big Dipper is usually easy to locate year round in North America. Extending directly out from Part no.

Selon vos besoins, vous devriez chercher le document dont vous avez besoin. Cependant, la partie restante, devrait nous fournir des informations importantes du point de vue de l'utilisateur. Previous page. Prev Next. Meade ETXAT - page 11 The power , or magnification of a telescope is determined by the focal length of the telescope and the focal length of the eyepiece being used.

Meade LXD

Manual telescopio meade etx 70