Manual Tablet Terra X The Tamer

Manual tablet terra x the tamer

Sergey: Sorry that we didn't upload before, we have been trapped in reality too much. Delfim: You are probably wondering why we stopped our last fic, the Rise and Fall of Tamers.

Well that is because… let's blame Glint. Sergey: Robert gave up too, and the people that served as models for the characters ditched us. Delfim: So we decided to start anew, with a smaller crew but no smaller effort to bring you the best fanfic we can. Delfim: So the premise is similar to Rise and Fall, but with a smaller cast of main characters and with a more defined story life. Sergey: The reason we are doing this similar to Rise and Fall is because we haven't given up on the idea… and we are too lazy to come up with original stuff.

Manual tablet terra x the tamer

On the other locker room, three people were utterly bored. One was sitting at a table, typing in her computer. Another was laying on one of the benches listening to music with earpieces and the last was playing around with his phone.

By the way, who are we fighting again? Apparently people think that throwing the same tactic at us multiple times will work.

Talk about insanity. The arena was packed to the brim. It always was in these events, the dispute for the tittle in the open challenge week where any team could challenge the current holders of the tittle for the tittle itself.

That was one of many new events of the game. And, of course, the arena. With it's many events such as facing legendary digimon, team battles and tittle matches such as this one, it drew quite a crowd of both those that were fans of the teams themselves and those that just wanted to enjoy a good match.

They even dressed as the digidestined everyone! The first one had brown hair, wore a red tuxedo-like open shirt, a cream t-shirt and a black tie.

We wore light grey pants buckled with a black belt and black sneakers. He looked relaxed, arms on his pockets and no concern whatsoever. His name was Sergey.

The second was blond, coming from the right and looked cocky, as if he knew he was going to win.

Manual tablet terra x the tamer

He wore a black t-shirt with a white stripe going from the neck to the arms and down. He wore camouflage pants and military boots. His name was Delfim. The last one was a girl, coming from the left looking positively bored, chewing on a pocky stick.

She had black hair that fell around her head but left the face exposed, a black jacket with many pockets, a white t-shirt filled with pink horizontal stripes, dark blue pants, black shoes that laced up to her upper ankles and black socks. Her name was Aria.

Manual tablet terra x the tamer

That is just adorable. This is a challenge for the tittle, not practice mode.

Manual tablet terra x the tamer

Well we are eight, and you are just three. Even if you bring in Megas, we have the advantage. Well the thing is… we, and I mean all three of us, are platinum tamers. It was Aria that answered: "It means that, unlike you, we can each bring 3 digimons to the field of battle.

Manual tablet terra x the tamer

As the shadow landed right next to Delfim, revealing to be a Blackwargreymon x, Delfim just said "Funny, I count seven of you now. MetalGarurumon poised to strike until a giant flash of light hit him, sending him crashing right next to WarGreymon. But before Vikemon could go far, a serpent went and bit his arm. As he yelled in pain, the serpent pulled the arm towards a falling blade that cut right through it, eliciting a pain filled roar.

Mervamon cocked her serpent hand back before lunching it straight at Vikemon, getting him by the head. The big beetle went as fast as he could to reach his friend only to be stopped by a claw that just stretched from the darkness and hit him right in the face.

Izzy cringed as Diaboromon lost no time jumping on top of Herculeskabuterimon and clawing away at it. Rosemon however decided to be cautious and that was the only reason why she survived three dark fox spirits coming at her. From a shadow behind Rosemon, a figure emerged only enough to slice at her legs.

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Rosemon yelled in pain as it fell to her knees before a blade was poised at her neck. In front of her was a Kuzuhamon, but not a normal one: it was a Kuzuhamon blade mode, and she looked positively sadistic. Cause I think this one is done. But Seraphimon didn't get far as he felt something hit him on the side, an electric current going through him and his body paralyzing.

The culprit revealed himself soon enough: This digimon was weird: The body looked like a dark dragon with a red scarf that went behind his back and made for wings.

Also his tail ended in what looked like a double edged medieval bardiche. Finally, the weirdest part was that his arms and legs were not like his body, instead were made of a blue electric like thing that kept changing form, undulating in weird ways.

In the right wrist, he had a ring attached to it.

On the left claw, he had a black belt the same way Agumon has his red ones and a similar ring on the wrist. His legs ended in pointy ends, as if always ready to spring as he flexed his claws meanicingly. I am the first to have him and let's just say your angel won't last long against him. Seraphimon launched a "Seven Heavens" but the Juukyakumon just disappeared from view. Before he knew what was going on, a voice said from behind him "Ampere Rage!

His front exploded with slash marks across his chest. But before he could scream the same pain came from the back as he reappeared in his front.

Seraphimon fell down, looking at the back of the digimon that beat him so effortlessly, and turned back into Patamon. Ophanimon yelled as she turned around to meet a Lilithmon.

I want to play a bit! Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon, Vikemon, Rosemon and Seraphimon are done, besides we should focus on that Hououmon up there, since HerculesKabuterimon is just about…" Just as he said that, Diaboromon snapped the neck of the big bug, turning it back to Tentomon. Hououmon flew why high, trying to avoid all the battle that happened beneath. If she could stay sharp, she might be able to….

Standing in a green circle in mid-air, a Sakuyamon stood before her. Light surrounded the digimon as it changed. Before Hououmon now stood a Miko wearing a golden fox mask. Hououmon started to sweat. Even she knew that Sakuyamon's Miko mode was untouchable by holy powers.

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Holy powers like yours won't work against me. I still have my previous powers like this one, Spirit Strike! Four spiritual foxes came from Sakuyamon. Hououmon squawked in fear as she turned to flee from this attack, but it kept following her.

Just as she looked back to see the spirits coming at her, she didn't see Sakuyamon fly to her front and yell " Fox Drive! Blue flames erupted from Sakuyamon and hit Hououmon dead on. This surprised Hououmon until she realized the flamed were not allowing her to go forward, meaning she had no way to escape the…. Thunder kick! Hououmon turned back to Biyomon. The reason for her irritation? Well Lilithmon decided to have fun with her prey, meaning she tied her up with ropes in a clearly sexual bondage way.

Poor Ophanimon even had a rope pulling in between her legs. Not to mention the wooden horse beneath her grinding into her realistic considering she is a digimon pussy. And all that with a gag ball in her mouth and her ass exposed was whipped red and she was crying.

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She has Darkness Love but it's nothing like this. At this point, Ophanimon yelled loudly, her body tensing so much it looked like she would snap in half. Then she fell down, exhausted, before devolving back into Salamon. Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon had just burst through the wall, both sporting some scars but still alive and kicking. Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon started to shine and then fused.

Soon Omnimon stood where they once were. Omnimon lost no time pulling out a " Garuru Canon! He then whipped his Grey Sword and defended a strike from Juukyakumon before cutting into him, making him yell and fall back, clutching his chest. Kuzuhamon also tried a fast strike, but Omnimon turned around and yelled " Sword of Ruin! Omnimon then sidestepped a " Black Tornado" Before stabbing Blackwargreymon in the back, sending him crashing to the ground.

Mervamont tried to attack him from behind gut he turned and blocked the blade. As the serpent head tried to bite Omnimon, he shoved the garurumon inside of It's mouth and shot, blasting the arm of Mervamon before slicing it's stomach. Finally he turned to Sakuyamon, who took a defensive pose. He ignored that and made a dash to her.