M45 Gas Mask Manual Lymphatic Drainage

M45 gas mask manual lymphatic drainage

The field protective masks described in this paragraph are not authorized for use in TIC environments, because many TIC, such as carbon monoxide, are oxygen-depleting.

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These masks are not effective in certain spaces when the oxygen content in the air is too low. Standard eyeglasses or contact lenses cannot be worn with these masks except for the M Therefore, individuals must obtain optical inserts for their masks.

Proper PMCS is essential to ensure serviceability. Chemical-Biological Mask: Field Mseries.

M45 gas mask manual lymphatic drainage

The Mseries CB mask consists of a silicone rubber facepiece with a binocular eyelens system and an elastic head harness. Other features include front and side voicemitters allowing better contact, particularly when operating communications equipment , a drinking tube, clear and tinted inserts, and a filter canister with NATO standard threads.

The M40A1 mask provides respiratory, eye, and face protection against CB agents, radioactive fallout particles, and battlefield contaminants.

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The canister filter cannot be changed in a contaminated environment; the mask was not designed for that contingency. Additionally, the M40A1 mask uses a second skin for additional protection, and also has a quick-doff hood. The M45 aircrew mask provides respiratory, eye, and face protection. The M45 aircrew mask protects the user against all known CB agents and radiological particles without the aid of forced-air ventilation, while maintaining compatibility with rotary-winged aircraft sighting systems and night vision devices NVDs.

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The mask provides a microphone, a drinking tube, closefitting eyelenses, front and side voicemitters for face-to-face and phone communications, and a low-profile canister interoperability hose assembly for both hose and face-mounted configurations. The mask also comes with a hood and a second skin.

M45 gas mask manual lymphatic drainage

Chemical-Biological Mask: Aircraft M The M43 mask provides the required CB agent protection and allows for compatability with the AH attack helicopter helmet, the display sighting system, and the optical relay tube.

Additionally, the mask provides for external voice or wire communications and a drink tube assembly.

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Chemical-Biological Mask: M It provides face, eye, and respiratory protection against CB agents and radioactive particles. The M48 mask has a lightweight motor blower that is mounted on the user during dismounted operations and is mounted to the airframe during flight operations. The motor blower provides filtered, breathable air that keeps the head cool and prevents the eyelens from fogging.

While wearing the M48 mask, crewmembers can perform their missions in an NBC environment inside or outside the aircraft.

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The M48 will replace the M43 mask, which is worn by Apache helicopter aviators. The blower is stowed during flight operations on a bracket that is mounted inside the aircraft.

The primary users include USAF units. An internal microphone may be placed inside the mask and connected to an external communications system through a connector on the front voicemitter. It has a single filter and two voicemitters-one on the front of the mask for speaking directly into a telephone or radio handset and one at the side to allow personnel nearby to hear.


The mask has a drinking tube that connects to a canteen with an M1 canteen cap. The mask is no longer standard issue for military personnel; however, it could still be used for issue to civilians during missions such as noncombatant evacuation operations NEOs. Joint Service General Purpose Mask.

M45 gas mask manual lymphatic drainage

It will also provide improved protection for selected TIC. M41 Protection Assessment Test System. In addition to these features, the PATS can also be used to help screen for unserviceable masks, to assist in determining if PMCS have been conducted properly on critical components, and to assist in training personnel on the proper wear of the mask.

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Additionally, the PATS requires periodic calibration, and the calibration is scheduled and coordinated through service logistics channels. The TDAM is a one-man, portable, unitlevel system that is capable of determining serviceability, checking PMCS adequacy, and identifying defective components of protective masks.

Voice Communication Adapter. Universal Second Skin.

M48/M49 Chemical-Biological Aircraft Mask

The universal second skin provides liquid agent protection for the mask faceblank material. Each branch of service will specify what items are to be carried for the protection of their personnel based on associated missions. Sponsored advertisement:. Sponsored Advertisement:. This website is not affiliated with the U.


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M45 gas mask manual lymphatic drainage

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