M32r Vs X32 Compact Manual

M32r vs x32 compact manual

In the process of selecting a new mixer for my church, I wanted to research every option available.

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In the process, I created a spreadsheet comparing the features and specs of digital mixers, available at the time, that were within our price range. You can find the spreadsheet here. During this time, my church had a Roland M mixer, sold to us by a local integrator when our Mackie TT24 gave out. The mixer proved to be very reliable and had more than enough available channels and inputs.

M32r vs x32 compact manual

However, it provided no method of allowing the musicians on stage to mix their own monitors, unless we spent thousands of dollars on their personal mixing system. Also, the Roland had no method of remote control aside from a PC editor. The lack of scribble strips made re-arranging channels a tedious chore.

It did provide a custom user-layer, but without LED scribble strips that changed with the layer assignments, the user-layer was essentially useless.

M32r vs x32 compact manual

The church had serious issues with stage volume. Guitar and bass amps on stage made mixing at a reasonable volume level nearly impossible.

M32r vs x32 compact manual

Mixing monitors from the FOH position was not working out for the team. We needed an in-ear system.

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We needed a change. I created a spreadsheet with all of the mixers that fell within our price-range and started my evaluation.

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The X32 was still very new and a hot topic within the audio community. We sold our Roland mixer and used the funds to purchase an X32 and P16 system.

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After the first Sunday with it I knew we had made the right choice. Not only did the mixer check nearly every box I had, it even sounded better!

M32r vs x32 compact manual

My goal was and is to have one place people can go to see the differences, and determine which specs they can and cannot live without. The spreadsheet lists the specs and features I found to be most important and lists them on the leftmost column. Brian Henson is a musician and sound guy who can be found during the week doing tech support for Intel.

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Midas M32 Digital Console for Live and Studio

Identify exactly what's holding you back and the next steps to take. It covers stuff most people overlook that makes a big difference in the end. You're moments from getting your FREE checklist. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hoping to get your input on which one you like. Not sure if the X32 works with iPad and I plan on using Ableton click tracks….

The Mixer-Comparison Spreadsheet

These are three solid mixers. Is Midas M32 really 96khz? What is your take on this? Hi Chris, I found the dropbox link has no file linked to it.

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Could you help to upload the file back? Thank you!


Great work with the spread sheet! Have you heats anything about it?

M32r vs x32 compact manual

With all the sales going on for the Behringer X32, I am wondering if they are about to release a new model. As I am in the market, this idea has me hesitant to Jump in right now … but rather to wait and see what might be just around the corner. I dropped for the new Presonus StudioLive 32 series iii after reading one of your recent blogs.

Also find out what you need to do days before the service. The Evaluation I created a spreadsheet with all of the mixers that fell within our price-range and started my evaluation.

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I reviewed my options: The Yamaha LS9 was no less expensive than the board we already had, and not much better off from a feature stand point. The Soundcraft Si Expression was available in our price range, but the cost to implement a personal mixing solution was still too significant, albeit much less than with the Roland. I had previously looked at implementing a PreSonus StudioLive as a monitor only console, hooked up to the Roland system with an analog split.

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We decided that was a bit too much of a mess to try to implement. At this point we only had two options, the StudioLive or the Behringer X The X32 The X32 was still very new and a hot topic within the audio community.

Question...after having used an X32 and an M32 fairly extensively what is the difference?

The Spreadsheet! Grab the Checklist!

M32r vs x32 compact manual

The M32 is getting long in the tooth. I contacted the owner of the file and got a new link.

Midas M32 vs Behringer X32 Consoles – Comparison and Review

Hi Great work with the spread sheet! Best Regards Clas. It seems like any more, new functionality is added via firmwarm software updates.