List Of Catholic Popes Pdf To Jpg

List of catholic popes pdf to jpg

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Peter St. Linus St. Anacletus Cletus St. Clement I St. Evaristus St. Alexander I St.

List of catholic popes pdf to jpg

Telesphorus St. Hyginus St.

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Pius I St. Anicetus St. Soter St.

Eleutherius St. Victor I St. Zephyrinus St. Callistus I Callistus and the following three popes were opposed by St. Hippolytus , antipope St. Urban I St. Pontain St.

A Chronological List of All Popes

Anterus St. Fabian St. Cornelius Opposed by Novatian , antipope St. Lucius I St. Stephen I St.

List of catholic popes pdf to jpg

Sixtus II St. Dionysius St. Felix I St. Eutychian St.

Caius Also called Gaius St. Marcellinus St. Marcellus I St. Eusebius or St. Miltiades St.

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Sylvester I St. Marcus St. Damasus I Opposed by Ursicinus, antipope St. Siricius St. Anastasius I St.

The List of Popes

Innocent I St. Zosimus St. Boniface I Opposed by Eulalius, antipope St. Celestine I St.

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Sixtus III St. Leo I the Great St. Hilarius St. Simplicius St.

The List of Popes

Symmachus Opposed by Laurentius, antipope St. Hormisdas St.

All Popes of the Catholic Church: St Peter - Francis

John I St. Boniface IV St. Martin I St.

Every Pope ever: the full list

Eugene I St. Agatho St. Leo II St. Gregory II St.

List of catholic popes pdf to jpg

Gregory III St. The List of Popes.

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List of catholic popes pdf to jpg

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List of catholic popes pdf to jpg

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