La Historia De O Pdf

La historia de o pdf

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With the Conquest of Mexico of New Spain. The work was revised and published with different titles in subsequent years.

La historia de o pdf

The Spanish Crown forbade publication in , but it was published in other languages up to For almost one hundred and fifty years it fell out of publication.

Modern editions usually focus on the portion of the text relating to the conquest of Mexico.

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In the work was republished by the same publisher, and under the same name as the original. And not only do they say new for being newly discovered, so much as because they are gigantic, and almost as large as the Old World , which holds Europe, Africa and Asia.

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It can also be called new because of all the very different things from the ones in our world. The animals in general, although few in species, are of another mode; the fish of the water, the birds of the air, the trees, fruits, grasses, and grains of the earth which aren't small In that one makes up the wealth, the other makes up the fame; in the way that honor and providence walk together The book was a success and was translated into Italian, French, and English.

It was published in Rome, Venice , Paris and London, with new editions outside of Spain published between until In Spain, the publication of the book was banned by royal decree in , which also ordered confiscation of copies already published.

The Peruvian writer known as " Inca Garcilaso de la Vega " used the book as a source for his book, " Comentarios Reales de los Incas ".

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A copy of Historia general de las Indias annotated by Garcilaso de la Vega remains extant. Nevertheless, he referenced the timeline of the work while composing his own account.

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The publication of the book was banned by royal decree, a ban reaffirmed during the reign of Philip II of Spain and which was in effect for many years.

The writer had the consolation that it was published in other languages.

La historia de o pdf

Correidors , assistant, governors, mayors and other magistrates and justices of any kind in all the cities, villages and lands of these realms and seigneuries , and to everyone and anyone to whom this my decree is shown, or its copy signed by public notary. This was the third edition in Spanish.

(CONTEÚDO ADULTO) A História de "O" (quadrinhos de Guido Crepax, da L&PM)

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La historia de o pdf

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La historia de o pdf

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