Insect Ecology Behavior Populations And Communities Pdf Free

Insect ecology behavior populations and communities pdf free

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Download EBOOK Insect Ecology: Behavior, Populations and Communities PDF for free

Learn more. According to the book's Preface, the untimely death of Denno during the preparation of this new edition prompted the involvement of Eubanks, Kaplan, and Finke, all former students of Denno's.

Insect ecology behavior populations and communities pdf free

Insect Ecology is divided into 15 chapters distributed among six major sections. Part I Chapter 1 begins, appropriately, by documenting the tremendous diversity of insects, describing the features of insects in the context of insect diversity, and introducing some basic terms and concepts.

Part II contains two chapters on behavioral ecology, the first of which surveys the behaviors associated with the various activities in which insects engage, such as feeding and mating, and the second of which is devoted to the evolution and ecology of social insects.

Part III of the book Chapters 4—8 covers species interactions and is easily the longest section of the book.

Description of the book "Insect Ecology: Behavior, Populations and Communities":

Chapter 4 is an overview of plant—herbivore interactions in general and plant defenses and plant defense hypotheses in particular. Chapter 5 covers competition, amensalism, and facilitation and includes an interesting discussion of how induced responses in plants impact competitive interactions. Chapter 6, on mutualisms, includes some detailed natural history as well as a more theoretical treatment of mutualism.

Chapters 7 and 8 deal with predator—prey interactions and parasitism, respectively; Chapter 8, in particular, is interesting for a broad and inclusive perspective on parasitism that encompasses herbivory as well as more traditional types of parasite—host interactions a perspective previously advocated by Price.

Chapter 9 consists of a relatively brief treatment of demography, Chapter 10 compares life history strategies of various insects and groups of insects, and Chapter 11 focuses on major patterns in population dynamics and the mechanisms responsible for these patterns.

Insect ecology behavior populations and communities pdf free

Chapters end with several study aids: a summary, a list of provocative questions and discussion topics, and recommended further reading. A comprehensive glossary is also provided to assist students just beginning their study of insect ecology.

Insect Ecology

The text is sprinkled liberally with figures and tables that enhance the reading experience. The text itself is written in a not highly technical manner that is appropriate for advanced undergraduates and that only rarely sacrifices precision for readability e.

Insect ecology behavior populations and communities pdf free

The approach to the subject matter taken in many of the chapters also lends itself to teaching. Often, discussions of important ideas in insect ecology begin with the historical origins of the idea, followed by a brief description of the historical responses to the idea and an evaluation of evidence for and against the idea.

Although this approach often results in large amount of space devoted to ideas with marginal support or to hypotheses that have been largely rejected e.

An Ecosystem Approach

Although impressively broad, coverage is in some respects uneven. Over the past decade, a large body of research has begun to unravel the ways that nutrients influence the behavior, development, and life history of animals, and to link organisms to populations and communities.

Insect ecology behavior populations and communities pdf free

Despite being tailored for use in teaching, Insect Ecology will also be of tremendous use to researchers working in areas related to insect ecology. The book includes over pages of references, a great many of them recent, making it an outstanding entry into the primary insect ecology literature. Thus, Insect Ecology will prove valuable not only as a textbook for graduate students and advanced undergraduates but also as a reference for practicing ecologists and, especially, applied ecologists who want or need a reminder of the ecological foundations of pest management.


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Insect ecology

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