Hp 50g Manual Portugues Pdf Writer

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

The first size listed is the downloaded file size and the second size listed is the size on the calculator. Miscellaneous HP 48 Documentation Files The first size listed is the downloaded file size and the second size listed is the size on the calculator. Explains a bit about the operation of the hidden directory, and shows a roundabout way to get to it on an SX.

Contains 10 interviews from the French website www. You can find new interviews on www. Only the interview of Eric Rechlin is in English. Handy two-page tables listing the functions of all the keys on both the S series and G series.

In Microsoft Word format.

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

Data sheets for the parts used are also included. The Bill of Material calls out specific vendor and vendor part numbers for the passive components used, but any equivalent part in the SMD package can be substituted. Battery backup is by use of a 12 mm lithium coin cell, either the CR or the CR The CR has the higher capacity rating of the two at 48 mAh.

If you are having trouble with the screen in your HP 48, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

HP 50g Graphing Calculator Manuals

Lists some things that use up more battery power. This information is provided to help you conserve battery life. Description and photos of how one person repaired a keyboard failure in a 48GX due to the batteries leaking.

An analysis of the way the 48SX produces beeps, and side effects that can be noticed due to the implementation. By Eric T. Lane and Joe Ervin. CalcCompare 1. Calculator Command Comparison Sheet 2.

A command comparison sheet of HP symbolic RPN calculators, containing a description of every command. The sheet is color coded based on the model for easy reading. Como fazer o cabo 1.

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

With this document you will build and improve your HP PC cable. A little out of date now and only here for historical reasons, but it contains posting information for comp.

Explains several methods of compiling a string into an object, and lists advantages and disadvantages of each. Complex Numbers Marathon 1. Detailed documentation of the algebraic and graphics capabilities of the HP 49G working with complex quantities.

Manual completo HP50G PT-BR

New orthographically corrected version. The ZIP archive includes all programs of the marathon.

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This document explains how to connect your HP 48 series to your computer through an IR device originally written for an HP notebook. Contains information about how the checksums for objects are determined and gives two C routines to calculate them. By Alonzo Gariepy and Dave Kaffine. Given x and F on the stack, where x is any argument, and F is a function of one argument user-defined or built-in , this shows how to get 'F x '.

Comments about a bug in the 48 that lets you enter system binaries from the command line. Also includes photos and a screenshot of one possible PCB layout. Editor Plus Notes 2. External Keyboard 1.

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

Shows how to put an external power jack into the HP 48 for plugging in an AC adapter or any other external power supply. Great feature to add if you're upgrading the memory of your S or G! This file is more comprehensive than the above file, and is in HTML format.

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

Explains a bug related to grobs, that can cause a Memory Clear when attempting to create a grob with one dimension over about a million pixels. A summary of functional differences of 28S operations as implemented on the 48SX. It is not intended to present all of the many improvements and new commands in the 48, but is primarily an aid for 28 users who wish to use their previously-developed programs on the The comments on any given topic are not exhaustive, but are quick summaries of operational differences.

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HP 48 Cartridge 2. I2C interface demonstrated at the London HP conference. HP 48 Schematics 1. This PDF document has pages and was scanned at dpi color by an unknown individual. I cleaned up the several hundred megabytes of scanned images and converted them into into a relatively compact black and white PDF file. This PDF document has pages and was scanned from the original book.


Complete copy of the eighth edition of the 48G series instruction manual. This PDF document has pages and was scanned by me at dpi monochrome. Fully bookmarked in order to easily jump between sections. Included on this site with the permission of HP tech support. By Hewlett-Packard and Eric Rechlin. Some initial remarks about the 48SX made after its announcement but before its release.

A high-level overview comparing the functionality of the high-end calculators introduced by HP in the th decade AD -- the 75, the 71, the 28, the 42S, and the 48SX. Also includes a tab-separated-values list comparing the functions built into each calculator.

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Copyright Hewlett Packard, distributed with permission. Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from April, Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from September, Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from January, This issue covers defining functions, Taylor polynomial approximation, exponential decay, and general HP calculator information.

HP 50g Graphing Calculator

This issue covers animated Taylor polynomials, visualizing the pivot from derivative to integral, polar plots, and general HP calculator information. This issue covers the 49G, Taylor polynomials, polar plots, and general HP calculator information. This issue covers combinatorials, menus, coordinate geometry, limits, and general HP calculator information. This issue covers the 39G, the 30S, histograms and probability, maximizing volume, recipes, units and key assignments, confidence intervals, and general HP calculator information.

Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from August, This issue covers the Xpander, factoring on the 39G, sequences on the 30S, derivatives on the 49G, and general HP calculator information. In a weird archaic Unix file format, so it isn't easily readable. This document explains how to increase the range of the infrared port. Involves opening the calculator and replacing a resistor. Intervalometer for Canon EOS 1.

Turns the calculator into an intervalometer. Tells what resistor to replace to increase the IR range to 30' about 10 meters or more.

IR Box 4. These codes are already built in to Remote. By Tony Duell and Uwe Ziegenhagen and others.

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Sequel to the above document, with information on chaos, order, and the complex plane, and Julia and Mandelbrot fractals. Lists the key assignments on the 48S series that are useless at certain times and thus ready to be reassigned.

Much more than documents.

By Joseph K. Horn and Balazs Fischer and others. Listing of the numbers of library ID's of all easily-identifiable libraries for the HP 48 that are contained on this web site.

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

Automatically updated every Sunday despite the date in this listing. Links to Manuals 1. A page user community analysis suggesting a possible marketing plan for HP.

In Adobe PDF format. This bizarre-looking User RPL program takes any real integer and returns the number of bits required to express it in binary. Mini-Challenge: figure out why it works. This pdf file goes over Newton's Method in lengthy detail.

It provides how to program and use your calculator for Newton's Method. Explains that it's not a bug, but rather a limitation, that you cannot use exponents on units higher than Detailed mold design to manufacture a plug for an RS cable for the PC to calculator serial interface.

Hp 50g manual portugues pdf writer

Identifies a bug in the GX where the RCL command does not work properly when given a high port 2 or higher and a path to a variable. Lots of information on random numbers with the 48, including chances of getting a repeated number.

Explains what happens when you choose "yes" at the Try To Recover Memory screen. Explanation of why there are ROM revision letters and why there is no F despite evidence to the contrary.