Honda Civic Eu8 Manual Woodworkers

Honda civic eu8 manual woodworkers

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Honda civic eu8 manual woodworkers

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Log in Forgot your password? Honda Civic eu8 stalling when it's warm. Start Prev 1 Next End. Here is the interesting problem that I'm facing with, and don't have a solution for it.

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Hopefully you guys can help me. Here is what is happening: During the summer time or when it is above 22 degree C after about 20 minutes of driving, my Honda stalls.

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No matter if I'm on the stop light or driving, it just shuts down. If I try to start it again, it just keeps cranking, or if it starts, immediately turns off again. If I let it cool down, approximately 20 mins or half an hour, everything is fine, but again, next day, same story. I was thinking that maybe it's one of the ignition coil, fuel pump, or the TDC sensor, but before I do that stuff, I wanted to ask for your opinion.

I put the OBD scanner cheap ebay scanner and when the problem occur it showed me the P code - TDC sensor intermittent interruption, but I don't know if I can trust to that scanner.

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During the winter period, car is acting perfect. What is your opinion? Thanks in advance! I'd check, when it stalls, if you've lost spark or fuel. If spark, I'd suspect the ignition control module.

Honda civic eu8 manual woodworkers

Which can be removed and tested at the parts store. Just make sure you remove the heat sinc, then have them test it several times I had to ge hot when it fails. If its fuel you've lost.


If not, add gas. If it is, I'd suspect the fuel pump.

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Good luck! Thanks for the reply!

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I had the fuel tank full. How should I test if I've lost a spark? And do you know where is located the ignition control module?

Honda civic eu8 manual woodworkers

The engine is D16v1 1. Best way is get a spark tester, they're a couple bucks at the part store. Remove the coil pack, put it on the tester, attach tester to ground. If You don't, then Or the signal coming from ecm is no good.

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