History Of Education In Nigeria Babs Fafunwa Pdf Download

History of education in nigeria babs fafunwa pdf download

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History of education in nigeria babs fafunwa pdf download

Author : J. Revitalizing Nigerian Education in Digital Age: What most of the papers in this book have in common is the concern for the revitalization of Nigerian education in the digital age through ICT and other modern methods of making education functional and effective in the new modernity.

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While some of the chapters deal with conceptual issues, others consider the various role of education in this digital age and how Nigeria can be relevant. Most of the chapters present well-researched, detailed, and informative papers on how to reposition Nigerian education in the digital age. Specifically, the role of education in bringing Nigeria's new world about are discussed in simple language and then taken up in different forms all through the book.

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Since Nigeria has to act fast and decisively to be on the same development and education wavelength as the other members of today's global family, serious actions are being suggested in this book. Revitalizing Nigerian Education in Digital Age simply means taking the above desiderata seriously.

History of education in nigeria babs fafunwa pdf download

Nigeria has a daunting task here in view of the heavy education burden. This is the message that this book puts across. This book, Education in Nigeria: Reflections and Global Perspectives, provides a broad overview of education in Nigeria.

History of education in nigeria babs fafunwa pdf download

It recognizes the vital role education plays in the development of Nigeria and has attempted to air the concerns and call of the Nigerian public as well as educators for reform in the educational system in Nigeria.

The book further recognizes that Nigerian education continues to be evolved, first into a system of Western European education and then into a global system of education. It is expected that the comprehensive nature of the text will be beneficial to individuals in teacher preparation programs as well as those who plan to work with children in pre-kindergarten nursery through secondary settings.

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The chapter content of the book focuses on the variation of thought as to the principal objectives of educators to help students in Nigeria develop habits, skills and ideas, and help them to think. It adds to the importance of providing education to all, especially at the time when Nigeria is frankly making an effort to affirm democracy.

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For any nation to be truly democratic, it must maintain an educated electorate. Education prepares people to make informed decisions that affect the society.

History of Education in Nigeria

All children in Nigeria should, therefore, receive an education to prepare them to become effective members of the world society. This book seeks to examine and reflect on education in Nigeria and globally. Terms and Conditions.

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Author : Ayodele O. Author : A. Author : Daniel A.

History of education in nigeria babs fafunwa pdf download

Author : Nigeria.