Guitar Chord Melody Arrangements Pdf995

Guitar chord melody arrangements pdf995

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Creating chord melodies and playing solo arrangements is one of the most fun things about playing jazz guitar, so this this lesson will focus on how to play chord melody guitar by looking into 5 ways you can harmonize and embelish a melody with chords. Creating a chord melody is simply just adding harmony to single line melodies, but a good solo guitar arrangement include techniques such walking bass lines , keeping good time , combing single lines with chords and taking chord solos.

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In this lesson I will be teaching you how to create and arrange chord melodies for guitar. One exercise to ensure a thorough chord vocabulary for chord solos and chord melody arranging is to open the real book and then pick out any standard at random to see if you work out the chords with the melody note on top right away.

Guitar chord melody arrangements pdf995

When you can pick out any standards and instantly see the chord with the melody on top of the voicing instantly you will have the basics of solo jazz guitar arranging down. To demonstrate this in practice I have written out one of the chord licks from an earlier chapter with the harmony or chord added to every single note.

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Once you can see what chords fit over melody notes you can then start to mix things up by replacing chords with single notes, and diads. Play through this example of the same lick and notice that only some notes have been harmonized making it easier and smoother to play the lick.

Guitar chord melody arrangements pdf995

One way this can be fixed is by adding motion at static points within a piece. This technique is particularly effective at points where there is a long held over one or two chord within a piece.

Needed Skills

One way that motion can be added to the example V-I lick, is to create some movement over the last C major 7 th chord. A great little trick that can add interest to chord melodies and comping in general is sliding into chords from either a half step above or below.

For example if you wanted to slide into a C7 chord you could either slide from a B7 which is a half step below or a Db7, a half step above. Although most of us play the great jazz standards that have been covered by countless musicians over the years there are still ways that can make the tunes our own.

Some ways that you can give a progression a new sound are reharmonization , countrary motion, and substitutions.

Guitar chord melody arrangements pdf995

When you consider how many inversions there are for one chord and all the different ways that you can harmonize them there are endless possibilites for this guitar style. What are some of your favorite tricks and tips to do when creating solo jazz guitar arrangements?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Guitar chord melody arrangements pdf995

Amazing lesson Then it's up to us finding the right balance between voicings and single notes This is a great lesson because you give specific techniques and ideas to not only improve but get started with solo jazz guitar. Thank you. Chord Melody Guitar Guide.

Guitar chord melody arrangements pdf995

Motion is created here by ascending up the harmonized C major scale in chords. Return to the 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Comping Homepage What are some of your favorite tricks and tips to do when creating solo jazz guitar arrangements?

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