Functional Specification Sample Pdf Files

Functional specification sample pdf files

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Sample Functional Specification - getsp. Download PDF.

Functional specification sample pdf files

Phases 2 and 3 are described in great detail — Phase 4 is left more ambiguous, as Phase 4 specifications will be determined at a later date. It is a guide for system architecture and development, not for phasing, timelines or deliverables.

Functional specification sample pdf files

Portent will provide project scheduling information as necessary. We will add details and edit existing information as the database structure, site architecture and use cases evolve in the course of the project.

Why Reference MIL-STD-961E?

Increase usability 4. Develop a more sophisticated, web-savvy look for the entire web site 5. Ease site maintenance 6.

Develop a site referral program 8. The site should be updated at least that often, preferably daily. ORG must be a fast-loading site, because very few web surfers have high-speed connections at home.

Again, this means that the site should be updated more often. However, most commented in open questions that they wanted the site to be easier to use. This implies that the site needs to be more accessible — we need to simplify navigation and provide easier access to the kind of information visitors want. Given this information, we have revised the project goals slightly, to emphasize updated content, simpler navigation and faster download times: 1.

Increase usability 3.

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Ease site maintenance 5. Develop a more sophisticated, web-savvy look for the entire web site 6.

Sample Functional Specification -

Develop a site referral program 7. Audience The target user for this site will be between years of age. They will be a novice web user who understands email and how to use a web browser. This user also accesses the Internet every day. Target site users will also come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds: Part of the goal of this project is to open BIGORG.

Functional specification sample pdf files

ORG to more xxxxxxxx, such as medicine. We will also implement the core content management engine build and deploy the video library. Phase 3 will extend the content management system to all site areas. This system will permit staff to edit content using their web browser, without learning HTML.

The first implementation of this system will come in Phase 2 — the video library will use the content management engine to allow easy uploads of video content. At the end of phase 3, all site content will be accessible from the content management system. Email The new site will also implement an opt-in email system.

Functional specification sample pdf files

Visitors will be able to subscribe to receive notification of new site content, or email newsletters dealing with general or specific topics. ORG must allow visitors easy access to all information. As a general rule, no piece of content should ever be more than three clicks away from the visitor. Contact, campaign and calendar information, as well as current events and special topics.

Information current organizing efforts. Current events.

Documenting Functional Requirements

Links to other sites, articles and written resources, as well as the video library. The survey has proved invaluable — we will continue to offer surveys as a way of measuring visitor satisfaction with the site, and to determine how to evolve the site over time. A full-text search of the entire site. Fully implemented after Phase III. Registration form..

MDR, M2, ICDs Functional References and Specifications

However, videos will be linked where relevant — some pages will have links to video, and some will not. Thus, the site structure does not include the video library as part of the navigational scheme. ORG must deliver a compelling visitor experience.

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To insure broadest possible appeal, the web site should use colors that evoke a professional feel blues, grays, black and green without looking industrial. Each of the seven major site areas should use the same interface, but a slightly different color scheme, which is also carried over into the buttons themselves.

Functional specification sample pdf files

For example, Politics and Legislation might use a white background with a navy interface — the button linking to that section would also be navy. This color-coding will reinforce the different site sections to the visitor.

Flash and other motion graphics should be used sparingly, and only where motion graphics better communicate the message than static ones. When staff log into the administrative site, the security layer will determine their user level administrator, editor or author and what site areas and tools they can use.

Ref 1. They will also be able to use the email tools by default. Authors will be able to submit and revise content. They will not be able to use the email tools, by default. Evident SAMPLE Specified areas 14 Administrators and editors should be able to indicate which sections of the content tree a particular author can work on. Evident Email Administrators should be able to indicate whether staff have access to the email tool, and whether they are limited to emailing only from specific territories.

BIGORG staff will be able to log into a site administration interface to edit, delete or add pages of content, images and videos to the site. Editors and administrators can also specify that all content under the branch be deleted. See Sample Metadata Screen, below.

See Sample Editor Screen, below. Control should allow cutting and pasting of MS Word content into the window.

Evident Paragraph by paragraph text entry Someone adding new content can either add that content one paragraph at a time one paragraph per screen in the editor or enter an entire page into one editing screen see Sample Editor Screen, below. Evident Images Someone adding new text-based content can associate a single image with each paragraph they enter into the system.

Evident Preview Editors and authors should be able to preview the new content, as it will appear on the live site, before approving it.

Ready to Use Requirements Document Templates – Functional & Built with MIL-STD-961E!

Hidden Style independence A site-wide cascading style sheet should determine font size, typeface and spacing, as well as layout — changes made to these attributes in the content editor will have no effect. Evident Photo Captions After those photos are uploaded, the CMS will display a screen that allows the author to enter captions for each image. Hidden File format validation System will enforce file size and type constraints.

See Video Library Requirements, below, for more details.

Functional specification sample pdf files

Hidden File format validation System will enforce file type constraints. All files must be in Real format. If a visitor views a page, for example, and that page is in the same relational category as a video and a photo album, then the page will include links to those other items.

functional specification

This is a critical feature that will allow site managers to link video and images to relevant articles, as well as articles to each other. However, it includes some special requirements: Ref 2. While most of the requirements for this area are covered in Section 5 of this specification, there are some performance and component requirements: Ref 3. Total server time to assemble and a page for delivery to one user should never exceed 50 ms.

What are some examples of functional specifications you can think of?

Evident 3. Clicking on a video title will play that video in the same window see below. They can return and reenter their email address to change their settings at any time.

Evident Newsletter Subscribers can choose to receive a newsletter dealing with BIGORGwide issues and current events Evident Territory-specific newsletter Subscribers can choose to receive a newsletter specific to their territory Evident Industry-specific newsletter Subscribers can choose to receive a newsletter specific to their profession Evident New content notification Subscribers can choose to receive an email when new content is added to a specific section of the web site.

Evident Attachments Editors will be able to attach files to emails.

What our MIL-STD-961E Requirements Document Template Includes

Hidden General Security When someone logs into the system the security module detects whether they have access to the email tools, and the specific tools they can use.

Hidden Content Security The security system also determines which specific email groups the logged-in staff can use: They may, for example, only be able to send email to a single territory. When an editor adds a sub-branch to any of these areas, that selection becomes available on the email subscription form. Email will be plain text Email system administration 21 Ref Function Cat. Microsites will be specific, second or third level branches of the site tree.

Ref 5. The latter two options will require assistance from a webmaster. While this will not involve any actual coding, there are several requirements worth noting: Function Cat. Ref 7. Use cases display, step-by-step, how users interact with the system.

Note that later tasks, especially Phase 4, may be subject to change.

Phase 2: Site design, content management system core, video library 1. Recommend documents. Functional Specification - Boston University. Functional Specification - Scholastic. Functional Design Specification. Functional Specification Document.