Free Boardmaker Pictures Pdf Files

Free boardmaker pictures pdf files


Going to the Zoo The printables below can be opened using Boardmaker software. Hang this poster in your classroom. Use the posters below to teach examples of kindness. Have students make their own.

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Discuss and review safety signs with students. Use individually or make a file folder game.

Free boardmaker pictures pdf files

Lorie Schwartz for bringing this recipe in! Snowman Paper Plate Craft Materials Needed: 1 small paper plate, 1 large paper plate, streamers or ribbon for scarf Print and cut out pieces below.

Holidays Poem Pictures Pictures to help students write the holiday poem above.

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Letters to Santa Letter to Santa page 1 Cut out the pictures on this page and paste them on page 2. After the writing guide is complete, choose from the decorative paper below to recopy the letter. Writing Guide Pictures Pictures to help with the Santa writing guide. Stocking Paper Decorative paper for letters to Santa.

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Cookie Paper Decorative paper for letters to Santa. Fireplace Paper Decorative paper for letters to Santa.

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Christmas Tree Paper Decorative paper for letters to Santa. Monster Crisp Snacks PDF file You will need butter witch fat , mini marshmallows ghost toes , Rice Krispies werewolf toenails , candy corn infected vampire teeth , mini chocolate chips frog warts , red food coloring vampire blood , and yellow food coloring yellow spider blood. Will be uploaded during the month of October!

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Charles, IL for submitting this recipe! You can give the bus driver tickets to give the students for following the rules.

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The students can trade the tickets for stickers or other rewards in the classroom. I paste and laminate this onto a large envelope for students. This helps keep students in one place and allows 2 students per activity. Packing up to go home Made with Boardmaker, PDF file A visual reminder for students who need assistance getting ready to go home. Converted to. A yummy cooking idea!

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Have students write the words on a Bingo grid to play Easter Bingo. You will need Adobe Reader in order to view the files. Click below for a free download. Students match the pictures of the body parts with the words. Have the students put the pictures in the correct categories.

Made with Boardmaker, PDF file Use as a matching game or make file folder activities with these cards.

Boardmaker Online #1: Create/Print/Save Picture Cards

Students match the pictures that go together. These will help students decide whether to add or subtract when doing story problems.

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Tape to small baskets. Students sort the pictures into the different categories. You must have this program in order to view these files unless you see PDF beside them.

Free boardmaker pictures pdf files

Directions for opening Writing with Symbols files: 1. Save each file downloaded to your desktop or a folder you create on your desktop.

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Open Writing with Symbols program. Click "Writing Processor" when Writing with Symbols opens. Open each file you downloaded on your desktop using Writing with Symbols. You must have Boardmaker in order to view the activities.

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Includes communicating expectations, miscellaneous activities, writing activities, and weather printables. About Our Classroom. Pictures of Our Classroom Structure in the Classroom.

Free boardmaker pictures pdf files

Autism Information for Kids! Sensory Integration Information.

Free boardmaker pictures pdf files