Fragments By Ayi Kwei Armah Pdf

Fragments by ayi kwei armah pdf

Fragments (African Writers Series)

Baako is the protagonist in the novel. After nearly five years in the US, Baako returns back home, with hopes to build his writing career and help his nation with his newly acquired skills.

Fragments by ayi kwei armah pdf

The great friend throws all things apart and brings all things together again. That is the way everything goes and turns round.

Fragments by ayi kwei armah pdf

That is how all living things come back after long absences, and in the whole great world all things are living things. All that goes returns.

Fragments by ayi kwei armah pdf

He will return. But before Baako hits the airport, he meets Brempong — who is an embodiment of materialism in the society.

Fragments by ayi kwei armah pdf

And so while Brempong brings so many goodies for his family, Baako carries almost nothing materialistic. Unfortunately for Baako, his family has high expectations. Thus Armah confronts a key question that many Africans face on returning home from overseas.

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What is the most important thing that Africans who travel outside the continent to say, the United States, can bring home? Is it the ostentatious goodies so all can believe that they have indeed travelled?

What then would be the importance of their educational sojourn in a foreign country?

See a Problem?

For me, the bigger question after reading the book concerns the place of the arts say writing as in the case of Baako in the Ghanaian society?

To put it differently, is Ghana or for that matter Africa ready to accept artists like writers? Geoff Gyasi is a Ghanaian book blogger, reader, writer and book collector. He blogs at www. He can be reached via mail at geosireads yahoo.

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The book is very much interesting, but need to be summarize chapter by chapter and the characters role be explained. Thank you. Fragments is an interesting novel that illustrate how much Africans are materialists.

Fragments by ayi kwei armah pdf

Am working on it for my licence degree. Am sure i will have more to about it once i finished.

Ayi Kwei Armah: The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born

I enjoyed reading Fragments a lot, I think of most Africans take interest in reading such novels the process of decolonization mentally will be achieved. Fragments is one of my favourite African novels. Thanks for the additional insight provided in your article.

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Fragments is indeed a replica of African materialism and really impacts a lot on both the young and old in all spheres of life. Your email address will not be published.

Fragments (African Writers Series)

Subscribe me to your mailing list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think a review of the book will do to help our generation now and to come.

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