Formol Ether Concentration Technique Pdf Viewer

Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

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Formal Ether Sedimentation technique for the concentration of stool parasites

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Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

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Further observations on the formol-ether concentration technique for faecal parasites.

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Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

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Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

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Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

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Quality medical manuscript writing in particular, demands not only a high-quality research, but also requires accurate and concise communication of findings and conclusions, with adherence to particular journal guidelines. Important Notice. Abstract Aims and Objectives: The intestinal parasitic infections which are prevalent in the developing countries may even be more important than the bacterial infections. In India, malnutrition, unhygienic conditions, the improper disposal of sewage, the non-availability of potable water supplies in the rural and the urban areas, the indifferent attitude of the population towards personal hygiene, their low socio-economic status and the low literacy rates are responsible for the high rates of intestinal parasitic infections.

Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

In view of the above facts, the present study was undertaken to assess the prevalence of the intestinal parasitic infections in the urban and the rural populations which came under a tertiary care teaching hospital.

Material and Methods: A total of stool samples were collected from the rural and the urban populations and each stool sample was examined by: 1. Gross examination 2. Direct microscopic examination by using saline and iodine preparations and by 3. Concentration techniques like simple slat flotation, Zinc sulphate centrifugal floatation, formol-ether concentration and modified formol-ether concentration.

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Results: The prevalence of the intestinal parasitic infections was higher in the rural population. A male predominance was noted Children who were between years of age had the highest prevalence of the parasitic infestations. The common parasite which was isolated from both the populations was Entamoeba histolytica, with a prevalence rate of Conclusion: The modified formol-ether sedimentation procedure showed a high sensitivity for the parasitic detection. The supplementation of the routine method with floatation and the sedimentation technique will improve the diagnostic accuracy when this is compared to the routine method alone.

Concentration techniques, Simple salt floatation, Zinc sulphate centrifugal floatation, Formol-ether concentration, Modified formol-ether method. Introduction Parasitic infections are a major public health problem worldwide; particularly in the developing countries 1.

The prevalence of the intestinal parasitic infections varies from one region to another and it also depends largely on the diagnostic methods which are employed and the number of stool examinations which are done.

In India, malnutrition, unhygienic conditions, the improper disposal of sewage and the non-availability of potable water supplies in the rural and the urban areas are responsible for the high rate of intestinal parasitic infections 2. Globally, as many as million people may harbour Entamoeba histolytica and several tens of thousands die each year as a consequence of fulminating colitis or amoebic liver abscesses 3.

The number of people who are affected by Giardia lamblia, whipworm, roundworm and hookworm in the developing world has been estimated to be , , and million respectively 4.

Stool concentration techniques

The conventional methods which are used for the detection of intestinal parasites from stool include the direct wet mount and the iodine mount. The conventional methods lack sensitivity in the detection of parasites in the stool specimens. The detection Original Article M icrobiology Sectionof parasites in the faecal specimens is enhanced by the use of concentration procedures. Various concentration techniques like simple slat floatation, Zinc sulphate centrifugal floatation, formol-ether concentration and modified formol-ether concentration are employed for the diagnosis and the epidemiologic surveillance of parasitic infections in humans.

These techniques increases the detection of the helminthic eggs, larvae and the protozoan cysts. Certain techniques like formol-ether concentration have the advantages of less alteration to the organisms and an increased recovery of the Schistosoma spp.

In view of the increasing polyparasitism in the developing countries, there is a need of sensitive diagnostic tools that are simple to apply and to concurrently detect different intestinal parasite species in the same stool sample.

Formol ether concentration technique pdf viewer

The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among the patients who attended a tertiary care teaching hospital and to compare 4 different concentration techniques with the conventional technique in diagnosing parasitic infections.

Material and Methods A total of patients, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, were studied for 2 years from July to July