Fisher Paykel Ad39 Manual High School

Fisher paykel ad39 manual high school

Bad quality heating elements used. Error 4 beeping up in just 16 months and hardly used it much. Lesson learnt to never buy fisher and paykel products.

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Should have read the reviews before investing in one. Easy to clean lint filter and quiet enough in the laundry area. I use the everyday and extra dry function most time and it keeps my clothes, linen and doona dry in no time at all. To reduce the noise level, I use the wool dryer balls. This is just an absolute must-have in Melbourne especially at this time of year.

I can finally put on clothes that are actually fully dry instead of a bit damp after sitting all week! It is quite simple to use - and the reverse tumbling is great!

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It means things never get balled up used to happen all the time with our old one I think you can use a vet to push the steam outside if you want but we dont bother with that. Great purchase and works really well!


I find it very fast and very easy to use. I personally Select extra dry and usually just on the normal cycle. The only thing that frustrates me is the noise it is rather loud but I deal with that!! But all in all great fryer for money.. We have just got this after several seasons without one and my goodness! What a delight to have towels straight from the dryer.

It works quietly and efficiently and looks very neat in our laundry. It early days yet but I think Fisher and Paykel are a very reliable brand and we are hoping for many years from it.

Very good dryer, i have had no problems with it all except sometimes it takes awhile to dry very quiet I love this dryer I always buy Fisher and Paykel I love their products.

Fisher paykel ad39 manual high school

Your clothes come out with hardly any creases just fold them up and put them away. I renovated my laundry and wanted a dryer i could put on the wall. Its vented to the outside too.


Great clothes dryer so far. Don't experience any problems as many customers does. Had problems when purchasing from The Good Guys as they were very slack and unattentive to your orders. Delivered more than a month after salesperson said only weeks delovery.

Fisher paykel ad39 manual high school

Been waiting after alotted time but no dryer came until after chasing them. But dryer is okay! Not a lot to say about a dryer really.

It tumbles, blows warm air and clothes become dry. Good points: Reasonably quiet. Good array of drying options including three heat settings with a low heat. Bad points: Slightly bulky for its capacity. The "Dry" setting gets excessively dry. Front exhaust vent is not adjustable for airflow direction. Finally bit the bullet and got a clothes dryer.


It has a large capacity. Simple programs do the job. Lint filter is very easy to clean as it is at the front. Very happy with this dryer. I finally cracked and agreed to get it last winter and was immediately impressed. The best feature is the automatic dry clothes sensing.

You don't have to guesstimate with the timer like old dryers. This knows when the clothes are done. It's so much smarter and it doesn't waste energy by running on once the clothes are dry. Its not at all noisy running and installation was completely simple. Very happy with it. Love the auto sensor function. Its the first time I have had a dryer with this and yep, it makes a big difference. I used to come back with the old dryer and find my clothes dehydrated to a crisp so this is a big step up.

This is well made and very smart looking. The only thing to worry about is cleaning the lint filter. I have always had good luck and long runs with Fisher And Paykel so I am expecting a good experience with this too.

A very efficient and easy to use clothes dryer, just throw the wet clothes in and press start. The auto dry sensor works really well and placing the lint filter at the front is a great idea, really easy to empty.

Hi, I have a Fisher & Paykel clothes dryer ED56AU, have had…

I highly recommend this brand and the outstanding after sales service to anyone. I haven't had any problems so far. It really does a great job. I love the sensor finish and various level of drying options so I can set and forget. Seems to very efficient. Nice and quiet too.

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Can't fault it really. I can fit quite a lot in it too. Great price. Have had this dryer for almost a year and am so happy I bought it. I love how quickly it can dry towels and sheets, plus there are multiple settings to control the temperature which is great for those delicate items. It runs very quietly and is very easy to use.

Fisher paykel ad39 manual high school

Bath towel Wrinkle free are practical useful on special garment Delay start feature suit when get home late. We use it every 2nd day and mostly for school uniforms plus bath towels and the auto control sensor seems remarkable good.

I have owned 5 clothes dryers in my lifetime, and thankfully they get better with technology. This one is pretty good, temperature control is good, venting not bad but the day they invent one that traps the fluff completely and contained it some way, then that will be the one to get. But this one is pretty good.

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The machine is smart, easy to use and dries well with no fuss. The problem we have is with the venting. We would have liked to mount it inverted on the wall, with venting coming out the left hand side. We have therefore had to mount it in a much less-suitable spot with venting out the front.

Fisher paykel ad39 manual high school

Otherwise o. The venting is efficient, so no more fluff etc floating onto walls and out the front.

Fisher paykel ad39 manual high school

The lint filter is very easy to clean. The programming is easy, and I especially like being able to choose the level of dryness, or no heat. We use the dryer daily no clothes line and love it. It's a bit noisier than our previous one, but is so much more efficient we don't mind at all. On average the Dryer would be used a few times a month, sometimes a couple of times a week.

I can't say I'm an expert in the Clothes Dryer world. I was really concerned, called their support and they said it's normal.

We are yet to reno the old kitchen into our laundry so it is sitt Read more. Hi, We have no heat when drying our clothes wgat would course this problem.

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