Fci Staff Regulation 1971 Pdf Printer

Fci staff regulation 1971 pdf printer

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Alert: For a better experience on congress. Congressional Record Proceedings, Debates of the U. Year Vol. All in Senate section Prev 81 of The following reports for the third calendar quarter of were received too late to be included in the published reports for that quarter: Note.

In the interest of economy in the Record, questions are not repeated, only the essential answers are printed, and are indicated by their respective headings.

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This page Page 1 is designed to supply identifying data, and Page 2 deals with financial data. Fill out both page 1 and page 2 and as many additional pages as may be required.

Preparation and filing in accordance with instructions will accomplish compliance with all quarterly reporting requirements of the Act. An agent or employee should not attempt to combine his Report with the employer's Report: i Employers subject to the Act must file separate Reports and are not relieved of this requirement merely because Reports are filed by their agents or employees.

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State name, address, and nature employees who will file Reports for of business. State approximately how long legislative interests are to continue.

State the general legislative interests of the person filing and set forth the specific legislative interests by reciting: a Short titles of statutes and bills; b House and Senate numbers of bills, where known; c citations of statutes, where known; d whether for or against such statutes and bills.

Fci staff regulation 1971 pdf printer

In the case of those publications which the person filing has caused to be issued or distributed in connection with legislative interests, set forth: a description, b quantity distributed, c date of distribution, d name of printer or publisher if publications were paid for by person filing or name of donor if publications were received as a gift.

Answer items 1, 2, and 3 in the space below.


Attach additional pages if more space is needed. Such organizations make such expenditures out of a general fund raised by dues, assessments, or other contributions. The percentage of the general fund which is used for such expenditures indicates the percentage of dues, assessments, or other contributions which may be considered to have been paid for that purpose.

Therefore, in reporting receipts, such organizations may specify what that percentage is, and report their dues, assessments, and other contributions on that basis.

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In the absence of a clear statement to the contrary, it will be presumed that your employer is to reimburse you for all expenditures which you make in connection with legislative interests. Receipts other than loans 1.

Fci staff regulation 1971 pdf printer

Dues and assessments 2. Gifts of money or anything of value 3. Printed or duplicated matter received as a gift 4. Receipts from sale of printed or duplicated matter 5.

Received for services e.

Times Initiatives

Received during previous Quarters of calendar year 8. TOTAL now owed to others on account of loans Borrowed from others during this Quarter Repaid to others during this Quarter Have there been such contributors? Expenditures other than loans 1.

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Public relations and advertising services 2. Gifts or contributions made during Quarter 4.

Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act 1970

Printed or duplicated matter, including distribution cost 5. Office overhead rent, supplies, utilities, etc.

Telephone and telegraph 7. Travel, food, lodging, and entertainment 8.

Food Corporation ACT 1964

All other expenditures 9. Expended during previous Quarters of calendar year TOTAL now owed to person filing Lent to others during this Quarter Repayments received during this Quarter Louis, Mo.

Fci staff regulation 1971 pdf printer

Leanne J. Abdnor, Massachusetts Ave. Cato Institute James L. Adams, East Market Street P. Box Jeffersonville, IN American Commercial Barge 2, James S.

Adams, Massachusetts Ave.

Food Corporation (Staff) Regulations 1971

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